1. Hi Mrs Sandra my name is Veronica. My question is that I have that same roaster like pan but I didn’t see the beginning of the video on how you put the basket in and fill it with water. Can you pls tell me how. T.I.A.

    1. Veronica Lopez same here, love a slow cooker lol, but didn’t see how she did it or how much water was used.😊

    2. I didn’t see that part either, but I can tell you that’s not a slow cooker, it’s a roaster – which CAN be used as a slow cooker, but also has high-heat settings.

    3. Veronica Lopez u put the pan at the bottom fill it with water about what would be half way of the pan let it boil put the tamales in cover it with a wet paper towel and let it cook for 2 hours take it out let it cool boom u have tamales 🙂

  2. …I know I’m not going to say this right…but….Mucho Glauses my Beaunitas Sandra …Thank you…I love tamales your video is Mue perfecto….thank you …Gunny

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