Mexican Tortilla Soup Recipe (how to)

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29 thoughts on “Mexican Tortilla Soup Recipe (how to)

    1. Thank you so much for watching Angie! It really is packed with all kinds of flavors 😀 Yum yum! thanks again for watching, I’m glad you liked it! 😀

    1. Thank yo for watching Elrabbitsbbq! It is my favorite mexican soup! 😀 Now I have to learn how to make Italian wedding soup, which is my second favorite, lol Thanks again for watching and commenting! it means a lot!

  1. What a beautiful looking soup.  It’s just packed with flavor.
    You always make the most delicious looking food.  
    Well done my friend.

    1. Thank you so much for watching Anna! I really appreciate your nice words, I admire everything you do, so coming from you, your words do mean a lot! thank again for all your support!

    1. Isela Me la sopa de tortilla es una sopa México nada tiene que. ver usa

  2. I Made this yesterday and truthfully my husband & I didn’t think we would like it. Well we loved it. It as so much flavor and was great. Thank you so much for sharing and I will be making many more of your recipes. 🙂 

  3. Finally… Authentic Mexican Chicken Totilla Soup Recipe on Youtube…..very good… one I’ve seen so far!

  4. I made it today! best dinner ever…I know you mention is best in Winter time ….but heck who cares if its over 100 degrees hot #HoustonWeather lol…love your channel

    1. Hi Mayola, thank you so much for watching and commenting and of course for trying my recipe, I’m glad you liked it!! 😀

  5. looks delicious! definitely will try soon. I’ve been searching for a great chicken tortilla soup recipe for years.

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