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Steamed hams but it’s in 3d

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Skinner invites Chalmers on steamed hams. Does he get steamed hams or is Skinner not competent enough to actually cook? discord: instagram: twitter: google+: patreon: clothing: join my discord and follow me on instagram if you want some fun. also you better subscribe. steamed ham steamed hams meme aurora borealis simpsons meme steamed hamburgers


How to Make Tamales

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Learn how to make this authentic Latin American treat. Wrapped and steamed in leaves, tamales are a beautiful and delicious special occasion or holiday dish. In this video, you'll learn how to make tamales from scratch. Authentic tamales are essentially steamed cornmeal dumplings filled with flavorful fillings, like pork, beef, and chicken. Tamales arrive like […]