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Siopao Asado

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Get the details of this recipe (in English) here Siopao Asado or bāozi refers to steamed buns with sweet asado pork inside. This dish was introduced by the Chinese and has been a favorite among Filipinos eversince. Aside from siopao asado, another famous siopao version is called siopao bola-bola wherein the bun is stuffed with […]


How To Make Tamale Pie – Easy Dinner Recipe

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This Tamale Pie recipe with a cornbread crust is something even the novice cook can make. It is a recipe that tastes far better than the amount of skill needed to make.I highly recommend this Tamale Pie Recipe. Ingredients for Tamale Pie: 1 Box cornbread or muffin mix 1 pound ground beef (or any other […]


How to make red sauce for tamales part 1 of 4

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Like mi videos?? click here to subscribe Here is the recipe for making red tamales, i hope you enjoy!! Ingredients: Makes 25 tamales 8 oz pork meat 5 guajillo peppers or california 5 puya peppers or 2 ancho 1 clove garlic small piece onion A pinch of ground cloves or 2 whole cloves 2 tbs […]