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Homemade Tortillas Instan Corn Masa Flour

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Hi everyoneđź‘‹ would you like to learn how to make homemade tortilla out of instant corn masa flour/handmade only 2 recipe needed water and corn flour. All right my youtube friends can you let me know if you like this video, more homemade food coming soon and great places to shop for fresh fruits, vegetable, […]


How To Make Corn Masa

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FULL RECIPE BELOW Learn how to make their own corn masa with this online cooking class with our culinary chef. Homemade tamales or tortillas will never have tasted so good! CORN MASA RECIPE: Ingredients: 4 cups Dry white or yellow corn 4 Tbsp. Calcium Hydroxide (cal) 8 Cups of water Procedure: 1. Place the corn […]