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How To Steam Cook Tamales

how to steam cook your holiday Tamales…

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  1. Hello , I have been steaming my tamales for  2 hours  and they still are not cooked . Can you please  tell me why.  Thank you.

    1. Not sure why not – don’t eat the raw masa. They normally cook in 90 mins. Continue to cook them until the masa is cooked. The other ingredients are pre cooked before they are put in the tamales.

    2. +Maria Morales wow I read something and they said that you HAVE ago steam the tamales BEFORE freezing them!! Now I’m mad cuz I been rolling and steaming tamales PRIOR ago freezing them and just finished them last night!! I’m glad I saw this because now I know that I CAN ROLL THEM & FREEZE them PRIOR to steaming

    3. I found the type of stove makes a difference. It was taking my masa a lot longer to cook on my electric stove verses the gas stove we had.

  2. I got some from a friend a while back and I wanted to try one right away, I just put one in the microwave in a sandwich baggies to keep the steam in like a baked potato in the microwave. took like 2.5 min and it was crazy hot. steamed right up in that bag. Really though, tonight i am going to heat up all the rest and i was thinking of putting them in the top rack of my rice cooker. it steams the crap out of Broccoli and things like that. i dont see why it would not work.

    1. yomaira cruz – did you mean spicy? You can control how spicy they are by the type of chile you use. For green chile tamales, add more tomatoes to your chile salsa & that takes away the heat. For red chile tamales, only use 1 type of chile. For mild, use Pasilla; medium spice, use California. For real spicy, use New Mexico. I use a combination of chiles including equal parts of Pasilla, California, New Mexico & Guajillo. If they’re too spicy, I serve them with sour cream. This helps to take away the heat.

    1. Carla Layne – the Masa is raw when it doesn’t separate from the husk and its sticky. When you remove the husk, the tamale should slide right off. Hope this helps.

    1. David Castaneda – not necessarily. The masa should separate from the hoja hot or cold. When the masa has plenty of fat, it should slide right off the hoja.

  3. hello , so if my masa is just freshly made for how long do i cook the tomales lets say about 1dz. to 1dz 1/2 for how long would i steams them for

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