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How To Make Tamales With a Pressure Steamer

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12 thoughts on “How To Make Tamales With a Pressure Steamer

    1. Hi +Vivi Curiel! Yes, you can absolutely use an electric version! Each one has its own specs, so you’ll need to follow its directions, but the cooking time & weight should be about the same as in this video.

      Let us know how it goes!

    2. +The Mason Jar Suite

      Hey!!! well i made some of the queso con rajas tamales & cooked in my electric cuisinart pressure cooker for 30 min. was wonderfully surprised at the fluffy yummy goodness i had to eat in this socal heat.. im chicana so ive eaten tamales all my life never really in summer cause it steams the kitchen but i cant even believe this, love my pressure !!! thanks!!! also gluten-free meal just great??

  1. Tip: Make sure to spread the masa on the smooth side of the husk. If you spread it on the rough side the masa may end up sticking to the husk rather than peeling off.

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