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How To Make Mexican Tamales | La Cocina | mitú

Watch Steph call her mom for tips on how to make Mexican tamales!

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40 thoughts on “How To Make Mexican Tamales | La Cocina | mitú

  1. If I see someone say hey this is the one way you make “Mexican” tamales one more time imma lose it. There’s many ways to make “Mexican” tamales and it depends on the region of where you live and what style of tamale you want

    1. my mom from veracruz mexico and they make their tamales from hojas de platano it kinda of looks like honduras tamale or venezuelas hallacas, but with a way more different flavor

    2. There’re hundreds ways to make tamales in Mexico but, as I know lard or vegatable oil is the main ingredient…

    3. very true! Those are Guatemalan style as well since they’re so close! they share a lot of similarities.

    4. i think thats if they’re going to make the masa from scratch, then yeah lard is the way to go.

  2. I wish I had my mom so we can make tamales together ?but she is my ? in heaven I miss her so much it’s always a sad time for me around Christmas time ????

  3. Depends what region cause in Veracruz they make tamales de hojas de plantano so in Mexico there difference types of tamales.

    1. Aaron Hernandez yup, in Puebla they make them mostly out of corn leaves since that’s abundant where my family is from

    2. true my mom from veracruz and she make her tamales from hojas de platano, they kind of of look like honduras tamales but different flavor

  4. My mom makes them very different and they’re hella good, but Iike how her mom adds garlic, onion, and chili to here masa, I think it would make the tamales flavorful and colorful. ???

    1. the way they make tamales in southern Mex is like in Guatemala and they are my personal favorite !

  5. No podía faltar el “ya te puedes casar” recommendation

    My momma doesn’t add Chile to the masa. And she runs the Chile through a strainer to get rid of seeds, make a smoother mole

  6. Ok pero la masa esa cómo se hace? Que lleva? Parece como la masa de harina de maíz que se usa para las arepas, pero no se si será igual. Alguien me puede explicar? Gracias

    1. Laura Marvo Si puedes encontrar La Bolsa de harina seca para tamales, ahí viene la receta! Pero que no sea cornmeal ( masa seca de maíz Americana, tiene otra textura) Yo en lo personal, no mezcló la carne con la salsa de chile. Cuezo la carne y preparo el chile aparte, porque así tengo mas control, porque no me gustan secos! Buena suerte!

  7. Ya te puedes casar ?? never will get old with our mothers saying this to us after a triumphant culinary execution ??

    1. catreese82 ha ha my mom and dad would say that to me when I made something delicious now my husband and kids say that and he is white it sound so strange in English

  8. when the mom said “ya te puedes casar” i related on so many levels. my mom says that any time i cook lol

  9. What about manteca?! (Lard) You can’t make tamales with out it, if you don’t want to use it you can always use any vegetable oil. Otherwise the tamales will be very hard

  10. I miss my moms Tamales ( in heaven now), but this video is helpful and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  11. I see we make tamales differently, for me this Is wrong but everyone does things differently

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