Tamales De Res (How To)

Abuela and my mom share how to make tamales de res con chile rojo.

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30 thoughts on “Tamales De Res (How To)

  1. Thank you so much! I love your Abuela and your recipes are so authentic! My mom passed away when I was 14 so I didn’t really get to learn all the traditional dishes. But after watching all Abuelas videos I learned alot. I made your Arroz Con Leche, Papas Con Chorizo, Sopa de Fideo, and more. My boyfriend loves when I cook for him now! Thank you im so grateful for you, your videos, and Abuela. May God bless you always!

  2. I love her cooking and I think there should be a cook book made in her honor of the best cook and I been cooking her recipe’s for the family and they love it. So thank you so much….from a fan in Lansing Michigan Marisela.

  3. can you send me ur grandma 🙂 she rocks ! i would love for her to tesch me more how to cook all these awesome mexican food 😉 love watching yall videos. ?

  4. Feliz año nuevo y que Diosito le de muchos mas años de Vida a la abuelita. por ser tan Buena. con sus semejantes ✌?

  5. Hi Sylvia! Video request: Can you post a tutorial on how your family does red sauce pork tamales? Also, a TERRIFIC tutorial on its own would be How to Prepare fresh Masa. Most videos on YouTube use the instant Maseca … that’s not authentic. Thank you for your channel. Many blessings! -Grace From the San Fernando Valley

  6. Muy bella la familia, y in talento uniqo.  Soy Cubana, pero me encanta ver sus recetas.  Gracias por pornerlas aqui. Felicidades y bendiciones

    1. Mary Ann Of course you can! Our Mexican ancestors didn’t have access to a hand mixer so originally everything was done by hand.

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