Tamales de Puerco / Pork #Tamales (How To)

Abuela and mom show us how to make pork tamales.

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32 thoughts on “Tamales de Puerco / Pork #Tamales (How To)

  1. Love your videos!!! We will try this today thanks for the recipe. I like how your grandma and mom get into detail and explain step-by-step, how to make the tamales!!! God bless you all!! Beautiful family!!! 🙂 ???

  2. Thank you so much for all these recipes! I’ve been wanting to cook traditional Mexican dishes and you guys explain everything perfectly love you and your grandma!

  3. Se miran ricos , nunca tratado me gusto el paso a paso así se pueden hacer se ve fácil los voy a tratar a ver que tal me quedan la Abuela si que sabe me encanta aprender comidas nuevas siempre que sean populares ,Bendiciones , Amigas ???

  4. Thank You this is my favorite Tamale recipe*
    Merry Christmas to you All and a Blessed New Year ?

  5. Hola abuela ??, just want thank your mom and grandmother for giving the step by step instructions on how to make the prepare the meat, salsa, and the masa for the tamales

  6. que ricos se ven!? voy aser tamales por mi primera ves esta Navidad sola. Gracias por la receta! Dios la bendiga

  7. it comes out better if you use your hands. lol you tell her abuela. love home made tamales have had any in decades. can you do a video on sweet tamales with raisin feliz navida feliz anos nuevos GOD BLESS

  8. Voy a usar su receta abuelita,, hermosas Saludos y Bendiciones desde Texas ??❤️? abuelita mandeme Saludos en el proximo video me Maria Aguinaga las amo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. That’s what’s up! my mom made her tamales the same way, I have never found tamales that taste like hers. adding some chile to the masa is important! gracias abuelita!

  10. Ya me avente como 20 videos hoy! que linda la abuela…ya la quiero ❤ she’s awesome! love your channel.

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