How to make red sauce for tamales part 1 of 4

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Here is the recipe for making red tamales, i hope you enjoy!!

Ingredients: Makes 25 tamales
8 oz pork meat
5 guajillo peppers or california
5 puya peppers or 2 ancho
1 clove garlic
small piece onion
A pinch of ground cloves or 2 whole cloves
2 tbs oil
1 cup chicken stock or water
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup masa flour (maseca)

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27 thoughts on “How to make red sauce for tamales part 1 of 4

  1. Wow!!  That red sauce like to have made me cry my eyes out! LOL..  This Wedda got it made though.. Tamales manana!  Whoohoo!

  2. What kind of peppers? I thought you were going to write them down. Where??? Good looking recepie but poor instruction.

    1. at the beginning of the recipe she had all the ingredients.  Good instructions, Poor observation. 

  3. Super easy!! I think this recipe should be called S’more tamales! Everyone wanted more, including the cook!! Yummy! Your videos are AWESOME!! So easy to follow!!

  4. Confused… you say that the meat cooked in the tamale but you did cook it first then cooked it in the tamale while steaming.  Maybe I’m not quite understanding what you mean.  Anyway, I love your videos and I’m making this same sauce but with flank steak.  First time attempting tamales and making your recipes for this sauce, your green sauce for chicken and the idea of using muenster cheese for cheese tamales with jalapenos.  Thank you for the excellent videos!

    1. I think what she meant is that before she would cook the pork (like boil it) and then after it was ready she would fry it (so she would double cook the meat)…So she found that it isn’t necessary to boil the pork first you can just fry it.

    2. +Ellie Feick Ah ok.  I assumed that too when I made mine and they came out so incredible!  Her videos are awesome.  I’ve made her chicken tamales, beef, and the cheese using muenster cheese as she suggested.  Amazing stuff!

  5. Yumm. I just learned how to thicken my sauce, Id always wondered about that. oh this is gonna be good. 

  6. Where is the link to cooking the meat the traditional way? I just want to compare.

    Also, when you cook the meat, you don’t have to shred it?
    The way you did in this video, did you just add a piece of meat to ever tamale?

  7. my first batch of tamales was so bad. I’m gonna follow your recipe lol then they will be good 😀
    Also that tortilla maseca, I didn’t know there was a difference… it works but it’s really fine so the texture isn’t the best I thought I was doing something wrong until I watched this and checked.. And sure enough it was the kind for tortillas lol

  8. what are some recipes I should look up that use this masa other than tortillas and tamales? it’s so yummy!!!

  9. It  would  make  your  life  easier  if  you  got  a  K-tec  Blender   they  are  very  expensive  though.  They  will  make  that  sauce  very  smooth  is  seconds  .   Wonderful  videos.

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