Masa Harina

What Is Masa? / Homemade Corn Tortillas Recipe

If you thought masa was the same as corn flour or cornmeal, think again. In today's What's This Food?!, Daniel Delaney learns about this corn-based dough that is the base for tons of Mexican and Central American dishes, including tortillas, which he makes from scratch! Today's sponsor is Nuts About Granola, check them out at

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20 thoughts on “What Is Masa? / Homemade Corn Tortillas Recipe

  1. those hominy corn things.. they look a lot like sugar crisp cereal dont they? Its been a while since I had those but I think thats what they look like. Do they even exist anymore?

  2. I usually put some bay leaves in my bag of Masa Harina to keep the bugs out of it. I have also made good polenta from Masa Harina. Maseca is also widely available and is a mixture of Masa Harina and dehydrated lard (manteca).

  3. Awesome! BTW I love going to mexican resteraunts and watching them make fresh tortillas 🙂

  4. i live in holland and i found masa harina in a chinese/indonesia/south american supermarket. i found the brand PAN they called it instant masa in english but in spanish i think it said masa harina. i hope you can find it in portugal at a tropical supermarket.

  5. Hey Daniel! All I want is a simple recipe for a LIGHT thin corn chip-as in TX MEX restaraunts- Chips and Salsa…It can’t be that hard to find a recipe-Cant find one-Help. Thank you a kiss and scratch on the back

  6. great video. Im trying to make tortillas and tamales in a country that doesnt sell masa harina. very challenging!

    by the way, the H is silent in Spanish so its pronounced “masa arina”.

  7. Masa is ground fresh nixtamal. This is masa harina, reconstituted. Most Mexicans would never consider this masa. It’s masa harina, even when wet. You need to grind the wet corn that’s been nixtamalized and that is masa.
    Most big cities have a tortilleria that makes real masa from nixtamal. Masa harina, or Maseca, is a sloppy second and you will flip when you try the real thing.
    I don’t want to come off as pedantic, but there are clearly a lot of people just leaening about this.

  8. I love adding a spoon or two of Masa flour to my cup of hot cocoa (with the dry ingredients). It really enhances the flavor!

  9. Can you use pre cooked corn flour to make tortillas? Like the flour used for arepas.

  10. Great informative video. Thanks! I am in Mexico and just bougtht some masa flour and wondered how to get it so thin. Clearly plastic wrap is the key!

  11. is there another way to make masa without lime eg: use hydro peroxide or something instead ? more or less they use the lime to deshell the kernal – what other methods can be done to do that?

  12. fried masa patties are amazing with beans , eggs , steaks , brisket , chicken , pork , the flavor is awesome it blends well with everything , its one of those foods you crave everyday i promise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The trick with the pan and plastic wrap, for flattening the tortilla, is most very useful. Much better than using the rolling pin.
    The cast iron tortilla maker is very useful if tortillas are part of your regular weekly diet but only if you know you are going to use it very regularly.

    I was pleased to find mass harina here in Canada. It was from India. 😎

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