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Vegan Recipe: Mexican Tamales

Vegan Recipe: Mexican Tamales

24 thoughts on “Vegan Recipe: Mexican Tamales

  1. I’m Mexican and I don’t even know how to make them haha only made them once with family but forgot , how much oil do you add ???

  2. Your videos are so helpful! It’s hard being vegan and Mexican! You have my subscription!

    1. Ana Garcia no, it isn’t. Not if you research the original food of indigenous people of Mexico. Their diets were plant and legume rich and relied little on animal sources. Unhealthy things like white rice, white flour, cheese and pork came after contact with Europeans.

    2. SO TRUEEEEE, there’s a lot of stuff i miss eating *cough texmex cheese enchiladas and carne asada lol* I’m looking for ways to veganize them 🙂

  3. looks really good. I Never thought of vegan Tamales . Thumbs up 👍 I must learn to make them with these ingredients.🙋 cheers from Aurora,Illinois

  4. Def gonna use this masa dough mix with the sauce. Was hoping for a more interesting filling though. But it’s pretty economical when ya think about it

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