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Tamale Masa Spreading Cheat-Faster

This is just a cheat on spreading Masa for tamales faster. This is not a recipe. I hope this helps someone who is like me and hates spreading it..lol. Forgive my hair. No one wants it in their food.

6 thoughts on “Tamale Masa Spreading Cheat-Faster

    1. De todas las formas que he visto que tratan de embarrar tamales, la mas cercana a lo tradicional y lo que creo es la mas efectiva es la de Tamale Spreader , un saludo desde Monterrey (Of all the ways I’ve seen trying to smear tamales, the closest to the traditional and what I think is the most effective is Tamale Spreader, a greeting from Monterrey)

  1. LOL “White Girl Cheat!” Love it. Great video. As a Native Brown Boy I can tell you I think it’s a great technique! That technique would be so easy to mechanize. I’m thinking; why not staple the tops shut? But then they would be very hard to open. Opening a tamale is half the fun of eating them because you share the moment of them being put together with the person that assembled the tamale. That would be Brown Boy Zen. I’m sure you know about the Sausage gun cheat for filling the tamales. You use that Sausage stuffer like a calking gun, to deposite the filler; whether it be meat or bean, onto the tamale. — dan of- tamalot.com

  2. Great Cheat! Going to Try it next time I make some!

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