Masa Harina

Sweet Corn Cake

Ingredient and Measurement list:
1 1/2 cups of corn (canned, frozen or off the cob)
1 stick of butter
1/3 cup masa harina
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup of corn meal
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp heavy whipping cream

29 thoughts on “Sweet Corn Cake

  1. Go to Kroger, go to the salsa isle and buy a Chi-Chi’s sweet corn cake mix and follow the instructions. I found it on the top shelf of the Chi-Chi’s products.

  2. I used to work at gardunios and this was just like it but i remembered it tasted like honey not sugar.. but exactly what i was looking for thanks for the recipe

    1. Hmm… It may have been. It’s been sooo long since I worked there. But I remembered the main ingredients. Maybe I’ll try it with honey next time.

  3. Just went to the restaurant you mentioned in the video. And although all the food was amazing, the corn cake was unlike anything I had before. Looking forward to trying this recipe soon! Thanks

  4. Wonderful! Had your corn cake for the 1st time and went to the boardwalk for the 1st time and it was great.

  5. Chef Chris you are the man! Ever since I left Southern California and haven’t been able to go to El Torito I’ve longed for the mexican desert side dish. I just made it using your recipe and it brought back memories. Not to mention it tasted amazing! A job well done posting this video. THANKS!

  6. I made this corn cake. The flavor was wonderful, but, I didn’t ‘cake’ like I thought. I tripled checked my ingredient list. Most of the corn cakes had eggs in it. What do you think went wrong?

    1. It’s not cake-like. It has a lot more sticky, moistness to it. It’s not an Elite cake. That is a cake. This is very decadent and rich. It’s served in small portions. I think it’s made with honey as some have mentioned too.

  7. I think the measurement of the list are wrong. The consistecy of the dry ingridients with the heavy cream is not right i had it to add a more heavy cream to get the consistency thar is show on the video.

  8. Thank you for sharing. I remember when i went to chevy’s they served this with my dish i had no idea what it was but it was sooooo good now i know thank you i will be making this for my family

    1. Kaiand Kel thank you so much! It really didn’t come out right when I doubled and baked for the same amount of time. Thanks for the advice!!!

    2. It took longer for me about 30 minutes longer and I definitely use boiling water in the water bake.I have made this every Christmas for the past 3 years and it’s always a hit

  9. Just made this recipe, it’s good as hell! The consistency of the masa at the beginning looked off (butter wasn’t super soft) but came out great in the end. Thanks!

  10. Why didn’t you slice and place it on a plate instead of putting it in ramekin? It just doesn’t look right. The cake looks good though.

  11. I’ve been to Garduno’s several times though I moved away from the Burque in 1979. My family still lives there and I love visiting. I don’t remember you having the corn pudding but now feel that Chevy’s has more cred for theirs since they serve it. And yeah, amazing with spicy food. Gotta try this myself now.

  12. does corn and cream have to be at room temperature??
    i am using frozen corn. its thawed out but cold.

  13. I just want to thank you for this. I have made it every year for the past 3 years for Christmas and everyone loves it. There are never any left overs. I also make with my home made chili!

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