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Steamed Tamales – My Way – Part 1

Steamed pork tamales and an Ice Cold Lone Star Beer! It jist don't git any betta den dat!
Part 1: How to steam the tamales!

34 thoughts on “Steamed Tamales – My Way – Part 1

  1. I need to get one of those steamer units (the one you said was only a few bucks at Walmart). I like that pot you’re using, too. Nice and deep. I’m off to watch part 2 now. I’ve never had tamales!

    1. The pot I steam them in is just a regular stock pot.  I bought a complete set of them back in the 1990’s and paid only around $30 for the entire set.  I use them all the time.  They are heavy gauge stainless steel.  The little steamer basket I have I bought at Walmart.  The steamer basket will expand to fit any pot.  If you buy a stock pot and the steamer basket, you will be in business.  Hope someday you will be able to steam some of the tamales.  Take Care!

    1. They are delicious!  According to where you live, you might even be able to find them refrigerated in the deli section of your grocery store.  Well worth giving a try!  Take Care!

  2. as a Mexican American I enjoyed your video. in fact I never thought to tie the tamales together to keep them standing upright. I do the traditional way where we out a mocahete in the middle and the build a pyramid around the bowl or mocahete. I may try tying bundles this year. ty for vid!

    1. +retromomma_of5   My wife is Mexican American and told me her mother use to stand the tamales up around a tea cup and steam them.  There are several ways to steam them!  I appreciate you watching my videos and glad you enjoy them.  Take Care!

  3. Thank you so much! I am serving Tamales for my Christmas Bunco and needed to know how to steam em. I plan to serve with black beans, taquitos, salad, and sangria :-).

    1. +Lori Rock Sounds delicious!  If you put the coin in the bottom of the steamer, it will make noise when it’s steaming, when the water runs out it will stop making noise.  This tells you to add more water to the steamer.  Sure your Christmas Tamales will come out great!  Take Care!

  4. Thanks that quarter tip is genius! I’m steaming mine now so hopefully it goes right.

    1. +Laura Lind You are welcome!  I am sure your tamales will come out perfect!  Take Care!

    1. Lets you know when the water is low!  Don’t want to burn up any good tamales!  Thanks for watching and the comment!  Take Care!

  5. Thanks for the video, I’m going to use this method when I reheat my tamales for Christmas. Great pro tip with that coin.

    1. It works great!  The coin will rattle when there is water and not rattle when the water is gone!  Take Care!

  6. Wet a kitchen towel and place on top of tamales then cover with lid. Real Mexican style cooking!!!

    1. You are right there!  My wife which is Mexican always tells me to do that!  lol!  Thanks for the comment and watching!  Take Care!

  7. Jeschhh.. I thought you were making tamales for steaming. I didn’t know this was a video on HOW TO BOIL WATER and who makes a good pre-fab tamale ! haa ha ha ha

  8. I love tamales and have been making them for years. You remind me of Jim Forman cowboy Cooking on YouTube in TX. I’m going to subscribe to you also

    1. Hey Myllie, I thank you so much for the sub and I have also returned the favor!  There is nothing like good steamed tamales!  Take Care!

    1. The coin is one which has been cleaned and is only used to cook the tamales!  Take Care!

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