Masa Harina

Steamed Hams but it’s a Custom Guitar Hero Song

An OC shitpost from the Guitar Hero community for Simpson's Shitposting.


82 thoughts on “Steamed Hams but it’s a Custom Guitar Hero Song

  1. A guitar hero / Simpson shitpost? At this time year? At this time of day? At this part of the internet?Localized entirely in this video?

  2. This is literally one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on YouTube.
    It fucking cracked me up each time ≡steamed ≡hams happened.

    1. Sal J.
      It’s only a game,
      Srs tho, this is a Christian Minecraft server so no swearing or being mean! 😉

    1. +The Widows Son: Proud LiberalistTM It’s good to know that making fun of Sargon isn’t all you do with your free time. I was getting worried.

    1. RJTheHero once you get into it hyperspeed 4+ on gh3 is the only way to play that’s bearable

    2. Before I Forget isn’t the hardest to FC! I did that in like two months! Heck! One isn’t that hard if you eliminate the solo! If it wasn’t for that I would have FC’d that too!

    3. Illydando Manbrando i dropped the controller and FC’d slow ride before i could pick it back up.

    1. WarBear it is just like other steamed hams, but this dude has fuxkimg 1 million views and dont know what they are watching

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