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Steamed Fish [Nyonya Cooking]

Quick and easy method to prepare healthy and delicious steamed fish.

To the Chinese, steamed fish is always a favourite. There are many reasons why steaming the fish is preferred over other methods of cooking it. Firstly, it is much healthier and secondly, most of the nutrients of the fish are retained. Ensure that the fish is fresh, of course!

To prepare this dish, it is best to use white fish like cod, bass or grouper. Use just the fish fillet if you prefer but to the Chinese, it is important to serve the fish as a whole, with the head and tail intact during the festive season. It is considered auspicious to have fish served during the reunion dinner, which takes place a day before Chinese New Year as the pronunciation of fish in Chinese ("Yu") sounds similar to the word surplus. Hence, having a whole fish to begin the year signifies the start of a new year with surplus and abundance!

Despite being a fairly easy dish to prepare, the flesh of the fish will be tough if it is steamed for too long. Depending on the size and thickness of the fish, steaming a fish normally takes around 15-20 minutes.

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Nyonya Cooking:

The idea behind Nyonya Cooking:

Nyonya: Female descendants of a Chinese ethnic group who relocated to the Malay archipelago in the 15th century.

Like a true Nyonya, Grace cooks real Asian food with fresh ingredients.

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  1. Thank you for the recipe Nyonya,though I cooked it recently not on new year’s eve 🙂
    it brought a smile on my parents and family’s face to know that I know something that they don’t.

    am a Mauritian,basically we don’t get these dishes in restaurants but only in hotels….I am very happy to know this new recipe,god bless you and keep you and your family happy…always keep sharing your dishes (Y)

    1. You can have it any time of the year. Hehe. Thank you so much for trying out the recipe and I am glad that it brought a smile to your parents’ and family’s face ^^ With on going support, it keeps us moving forward.

  2. Thank you so much, can pls make video how to cook chicken rice, salmon sushi, salmon roles and kantanes fried noodles( mee kantanes) pls love ur recipes .

  3. Omg… I bcm a big fan of u…. all ur recipes are so tempting n delicious too… I’ve tried some of them.. hats off… looking forward for chicken rice recipe. Tq…

  4. thanks for posting this dish.tried a lot many times in china  wanted to cook in india.will definntely do it.

    1. Normally the fresher the fish, the more fishy smell. The older the fish like its been kept in the freezer, it does not smell fishy. In my experience anyway.

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