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Spreading Tamale Masa www.TamaleSpreader.com

Tamale Spreader facilitates the spreading of masa.
Easy to use…yes you can make more tamales in less time.

24 thoughts on “Spreading Tamale Masa www.TamaleSpreader.com

  1. I love tamales. But I’m tired of paying the higher and higher prices. Last month I made a batch, pretty good for a beginner, but still too heavy on the masa. This gadget looks pretty cool.

  2. whos cares how they are made, the bottom line is they taste greatttttttttttttttttt

  3. this particular spreader can be brought in albuquerque at pro’s ranch market on central & atrisco nw. go straight to the back where the fresh tortillas are made and ask– if they are not out on a table.

  4. Best five bucks I have spent. Spreads the Masa amazingly well. It only took a short time to get used to it. I was throwing them out quicker than my wife could fold them.

  5. Who is the real inventor of this product? I just watched another video and that lady said she was the inventor.

  6. Wow this is great my mother in law makes at least 2000 tamales from thanksgiving though Christmas for the past 30 years to sell I just purchased this thank you

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