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Maseca Tamale Cooking Clinic

8 thoughts on “Maseca Tamale Cooking Clinic

  1. I like your video you make easy for begginers ( Like me) Know I will try to make some. Thank you.

  2. will you please post the recipe for the amount of all ingridients for the whole 4.4 lb bag of maseca for tamales

    1. The maseca for Tamal is created specially for Tamales. The grain isn’t as fine as the traditional Maseca which is better for corn tortillas. The grain of the Maseca Tamal is a bit coarser and adds some extra texture to the Tamal.

      You can make tamales with either and for each you can find the recipe online or on the bag. I personally think the tamales taste better with the Tamal masa.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Can I use lard in the instant Marseca Flour? What would it do if I did? I have 2 large bags of this flour but I have heard that using the lard makes it so much better.

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