Masa Harina

Masa Spreader Fail

10 thoughts on “Masa Spreader Fail

  1. It looks like your corn husk is too wide and the second thing I see is that you didn’t press the spreader all the way down to the rails. Like any kitchen gadget I think you have to practice a little.

  2. her masa sucks too you can tell right away that it’s not a good masa and I agree she wasn’t doing it right at all they’re just mad they didn’t come up with it

  3. That masa doesn’t look good. 😂 she’s using it wrong. My sister in law makes the best tamales and uses this. It’s so easy

  4. U don’t know how to use that thing haha ..and ur masa is no bueno .. me and my mom busted out all kinds with that thing

  5. I tried it too but I watched the video really close and was able to do it as it’s advertised. I ended up buying 4 more because it did work for me.

  6. Those husks we too wide you could see the tracks in the masa from the spreader and your masa looked very dry and hard!

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