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Masa recipe dough for tamales part 3 of 4

Ingredients: Makes 50
I made a little mistake while making the video, in the video i say its 1 teaspoon go baking powder, but the correct amount its 1 tablespoon ūüôā
2 cups pork lard
7 cups chicken broth
4 cups of maseca para tamales flour or
regular maseca corn masa flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
2 tablespoon salt

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28 thoughts on “Masa recipe dough for tamales part 3 of 4

  1. I found out that when I used the water to see if the masa was ready, if the masa isn’t mixed well then it won’t float.. You have to continue to mix it more so the masa gets air. This makes sure that your masa comes out thick and “fluffy” esponjoso . Baking powder helps of course but making sure you mix the dough for a long time also helps

  2. I made this today and I think the amount you have shown for broth (7 cups) is way too much! ¬†I am glad you said to add it slowly because otherwise I would have ended up with masa soup! ¬†Anyway, I think I only need about 2 1/4 cups of broth …. perhaps you should correct the measurements above???

    1. +Karen Anne Brady¬†oh, I used the gluten free Maseca Tamal Instant corn masa mix …¬†

    2. +Sam Jasperson Good to know Sam, I did use broth and lard so will definitely cut way down on the salt next time.  Thanks!  Gonna try beef tamales next week, Darien and Felix are coming for an early Christmas and Darien LOVES tamales!

    3. +Sam Jasperson¬†If you are in the neighborhood tomorrow, stop by an give them a taste test, I would appreciate another person’s opinion …

    4. She explained could be the altitude so much depends on that… or if you are up north verses south.. Portland Or.. verses So Ca or Texas..

  3. This is the best tutorial for masa  on the web. I made it and it came out wonderful. I did add some of my red sauce to it but not to much.

  4. Thank you so much I love how you explain everything and how easy you make it,I made the rajas with Munster cheese my whole family loved it and I made chicken and green chili and they are delicious Muchas Gracias!!!

  5. Yessss!!! Thank you so much for this! Could you do a tutorial on Tres Leches? Glad I am subscribed. Much love!

  6. I need to buy a mixer for this however, dont know how big of a mixer I should buy. How many qts is your mixer? is a 4.5 qt mixer ok to use?

    1. arlene garcia yes 4.5 or 5qt is fine, even a very good hand mixer will work. Like Hamilton Beach. I have Kitchenaid hand mixer, but Hamilton is better.

  7. My Masa came out really good.. except I added some of the mole I put in the meat. I prefer my masa with a little color.. Thanks

  8. really love your videos! you explain things well. started making tamales about a year ago and this is by far the best explanation for the masa!

  9. Thank You so much. You are the first one on You Tube that has given the exact amounts in making Masa without having to go to their web sites. And you are right about the water floating method and just having the spoon spread evenly and the masa holding its shape. BRAVO TO YOU.

  10. What a great tutorial. Simple, well videoed, explained. Thanks for taking the time to do this. You obviously know what your doing. Thanks for sharing.

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