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How to spread masa for tamales the easy way

A no brainier! On spreading masa even the kids can help

13 thoughts on “How to spread masa for tamales the easy way

  1. How do you keep the masa from peeling back off onto the baggy? That is what happened when i tried this.

  2. Sorry … Couldndnt stop laughing when i heard about this…Never seen anything more ridiculous. Gotta pass this on to family for good laughs. Thank you.

    1. It worked really well for me. Do you make tamales Jo? Nice you took a good bit of your time to make a comment on this (as well as took the time to watch the video). What is ridiculous is you did both things 🙂 And I shared it with my family here your response, and we’re all laughing. My boys call you a troll 🙂 🙂

  3. The amount of time it took you to do one, I do 3 or 4. The paper is an unnecessary extra. Spread it with the spoon. Takes a second. And quickness comes with practice.

  4. No offense but your masa is too thick. It should be easy to spread with a spoon on the husk in less than 30 seconds!

    1. No offense, but it looked just perfect for me. I know because I eyed hers with mine and mine spread really easily especially with her nifty way of doing it. (tried with the spoon, hte spoon works but her way i was able to do so fast).

  5. THIS was the BEST thing I have come across to spread! I have done the spoon, the ‘special’ spreader I purchased, and for the life of me KNEW there was something I was missing! Made it so fast to spread and so evenly!!!!!! (not sure what the others were saying below).; Seriously, this was the burp in my whole single mom, tyring to do this, busines, and you made it EASY.

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