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How to make Tamales (Award winning , the Best)

Step by step proceedure for making tamales
How to make tamales
make Tamles

29 thoughts on “How to make Tamales (Award winning , the Best)

  1. Oh my God I feel like I’m part of your family! You make me feel 12 again watching my Mom make tamales. Can I come over?

  2. I save my own lard. every time I cook something with fat-I freeze it. store bought lard creeps me out, YOU CAN NEVER TELL WHAT HAS FALLEN INTO IT! the government has restrictions on what is acceptable, like no more than 3 fly heads per 1/2 lb, and no more than 6 legs per tablespoon. so use butter and/or some home made lard. or just use butter.HAPPY TAMALE-ING!

    1. +omgbannanaful1 Please email me at…awe come on! pass it through my pc screen the technology is here isn’t it?
      …crap. Now I have to drool til I go shopping for frozen tamales.

  3. Watching the video reminds me of when I was younger growing up is Corpus Christi,Tx.  I now live in Wisconsin and cant find authentic tamales.  Do you ship?
    thank you for posting the video

  4. What do you do with the left over ancho chili sauce? Do you add broth and make a sauce to pour over the tamales? Also, can you use guajillo chilies instead?

  5. This is excellent. I prefer tamales that have a little masa and a lot of meat due to my dietary needs. The spreader seems quite ideal. I was worried watching other tamale videos that you needed to have a lot of masa to a little meat for the structure to hold. I’m now ready to try my first batch. I have purchased non-GMO dent corn for the project. The first experiment was tortillas to try out the nixtamal process before I hit the tamales. Thank you! I realize you put this up four years ago and probably aren’t monitoring comments anymore but thanks anyway.

    1. +1981noe Mexicans do not own tamales — they are a dish served in a wide variety of ways all over the world.

  6. Thanks so much for the video. My Mexican wife is in Texas visiting her side of the family for the holidays. I have school. :(– I think I’ll Suprise her with about 20 dozen. It will be fun.

  7. Very close, but not quite. The masa should not cover the entire husk. You should only but enough masa to cover the filling once it is rolled over. This creates a MUCH cleaner tamale when you unroll it for eating. Also, using only ancho chile for the salsa roja is MUCH too bitter and offers little to no complexity. You should also try guajillo, pasilla and/or New Mexico red chiles, along with a few fresh serranos and an ounce or 2 of chile arboles. Your salsa should also include fresh onion, fresh garlic and a little cumin. Enjoyed your video though.

  8. I am from San Anonio and my mon would make the tamales with a pigs head. It would cook all night and then the meat would be cooked again with the chile and spices. As for the masa it was basic and the broth of the meat but we never put in backing power and yes I still spread with a spoon.

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