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How to Make Mexican Tamales/Easy Recipe

Cinco de Mayo Menu idea. I show you how to make Mexican Tamales in just a few steps. I make 2 types of masa from scratch and red and green salsa. I show you how to make 3 fillings for some the most delicious tamales.



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36 thoughts on “How to Make Mexican Tamales/Easy Recipe

  1. they look so delicious I really want to try the ones with cheese what kind of cheese did you use thanks for this great video

    1. +ginger I forgot to tell you guys, I used Monterey Jack cheese. Any cheese that melts easily would work though.

  2. Usually the green sauce is for the chicken and the red for the beef….but who cares it looks delicious…..thank you for taking the time to show us how to……….

    1. +manie mar Thanks for the correction Manie. You know I don’t know. lol Like you said though they were both so good. *-*

  3. I like the fact that you wash your meats and let it  cook thorouly,  hooray!!! LOL.  love your videos.  Thanks

    1. +frances abreu He Frances, I think washing the meats is a Caribbean thing. We think we are washing the bacteria off, but I’ve later learned that this process tenderizes the meats too. Thanks for supporting me.

    2. +The Bare Pantry Show I just found ur channel and I really enjoyed it plus learned a lot from u, thank u very much!! 🙂

    3. The Bare Pantry Show Washing meat, poultry and fish is very American, especially in the South. Some of the nastiest meat I ever saw was in the Caribbean. I only eat in private homes there. Thankfully, my mother’s family has meticulous live-in cooks.

    4. Paula Johnson I think it just simply depends on the person and how their raised doing it. Washing meat does not belong to any country region or area. I’ve never seen “nasty” meat in the Caribbean. My mom is from Mexico and we were taught to wash meat too. It depends on the person and does not belong to an area.

  4. My Hispanic girlfriend went to her sister’s this morning at 7:30  – with another sis visiting from the east – and they started making traditional pork tamales.  I probably won’t hear from her until midnight!  Tamales take lots of time, but so worth it.  Thanks so much for the video, and a special thumbs up to Joe.

    1. no they don’t. I make tamales constantly….one day. and I do it all solo. Women just want everyone to think anything they do is hard and takes a long time. No mames guey!

  5. The reason lard is “bad” is because isn’t isn’t usually sold in it’s natural, old-fashioned form. It is hydrogenated and preservatives are added; both to increase shelf life. Seriously, fat isn’t your enemy, what humans do to fat before eating it can be, same goes for milk- the fat is hydrogenated or removed and the milk is no longer in it’s regular form. Sad. Your brain is at least 70% fat (can’t remember exactly) think about all the people now a days with early dememntia, this really is rancid brain, eat fat, help the brain. Too bad more people can’t get the old fashioned lard.

  6. This si not mexican at all! We don’t fry the meat for tamales or use paprika in our foods.

  7. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for about three years now as I was so happy to see a fellow Belizean sharing with the world what she loves doing and also exposing our culture and cuisine the best she can. Somehow this video slipped me by and I decided to watch it . I’m so glad I did, it struck me as so wonderfully beautiful, because even though it was your first time trying this recipe your eagerness and pure joy and excitement to do it really made my night. Your happiness and positivity is contagious and it’s absolutely endearing to see you just so wonderfully ecstatic to be doing what you do (about mintute 14:05 for example haha) and loving what you do. Thank you for sharing your joy with the world Mrs. Barbara 😀

    1. Hey Valdo, wow you really blessed me today. Thank you first of all for sticking with me so long. Yes I do really love sharing information with others and that’s why I’ve hung in here for the past almost 5 years. Comments like this are the icing on the cake. I’ll have to go see what you are talking about at 14:05 lol. By the way I’m running a campaign right now to try to win a co-hosting gig for week on this show called Home and Family that can be seen on the Hallmark t.v. channel. Would you support me by clicking this link and following the prompts to register and “Like” and comment so I can win. None of it will count if you don’t register though. I just entered the contest yesterday (very late) and I need to make up some ground to catch the one with the most likes. The comments will count too toward who they choose. Thanks a million.

    2. I’ve voted already! 🙂 I’m also trying to spread it on faceook too, maybe if you have friends back home you can ask them to help campaign for you too? ,aybe get it on the local news and all :D!
      +The Bare Pantry Show 

    3. +Valdo Cafe Perfect!!! You have already done everything you can do to help us win. I say “Us” because you are all.a part of this. I’ve reached out to some bloggers back home, but no response. I’ll keep plugging away.

  8. I am Arab but I love tamales I’ve never made them before. Your recipe looks so good I hope to try and make it soon. I like the chicken with red sauce. Thank you

  9. Did you prefer the softer peanutbutter consistency masa or the thicker masa that was more like dough? Thank you! These look so good!

  10. As a nutrition chef here in Wyoming myself. I used to think lard was the worst thing too. Until I actually picked up and compared the nutritionals between shortening that is way processed, coconut oil and lard… Jaw dropper! Next time you go to the store, check it out!

  11. I agree completely with you, I don’t use lard at all. I use extra virgin olive oil and I use bone broth that I do in my Crock-Pot on low simmering for 24 hours. All my friends love my tamales.

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