Masa Harina


Here I show you how to make Mexican Masa Tortilla – it's the first recipe in my Mexican Series.

If you are in Australia, check out El Cielo for all your Mexican Ingredients:

You can buy the Puri Press here:

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You Will Need

1 cup of Masa Flour
1/2 a teaspoon of Salt
2/3 of a cup of Water

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  1. Hi, Steve. Your tortillas turned out amazing. What’s your best tip for making sure your burgers are perfectly cooked? Have a good day, good buddy.

    1. Never seen a Tortilleria in Mexico that used Lard and we visited hundreds of them.
      We had a great time in Mexico and learned a lot, Masa Tortilla are a staple of Mexico.. you are right about flavour, it’s the buttery flavour of Masa, which makes them soooo good…
      I think that’s American Wheat Flour Tortillas Judy.. Not a traditional crop of Mexico.

    2. It could be a Sonoran/Chihuahuan thing. But when I have been in the kitchens of my Mexican friends, and the family matriarch is cooking, if she adds a fat to the masa, she does not use a vegetable oil it is always lard.

  2. Have been trying to make authentic tasting tortillas for a while now. I can’t wait to try these but with the lard! Feeling a success coming!😁 Keep em coming👌✌

    1. If you google the words “Lard in Tortilla” you might be surprised. I never saw any Tortilleria in Mexico that used Lard, Masa is too buttery already.. If you can get Masa, do this, if you can’t and can only get wheat flour, go for it :o) All the best.

    1. I spoke with many Tortilleria when we were in Mexico, they never added Lard, I think that’s the Wheat ones, which are not traditional or that common in Mexico. Masa has it’s own beauty and buttery taste that would be spoiled with Lard I suspect buddy but in Wheat Flour torts, it’s kinda nice.

  3. Mmmm… Taste so delicious, yummy and crispy Mexican tortilla!! Thats awesome recipe!!! See u anytime!!!

  4. Oooh… I could eat a tortilla wrap right now lol… so hungry! 😂😂

  5. I buy them at the store & fry them @ home.
    Why were you pushing down & around on yours
    Is it because they were fresh🎈

    1. Yes Leslie, these are not cooked, like the store ones, so I push to encourage the Air pocket inside 🙂

  6. Vee makes hers the same way! I rarely eat Mexican food, but I love Masa. She cringed at the way I eat them. My skinny southern American bottom smears butter, peanut butter, and maple syrup and eat it like a ‘short stack’. Your brown syrup (from an earlier video) works, too. I did quit buying syrup and now use your brown syrup with maple flavor added. We even go as far as Masa wrapped omletes. Give it all a try and see how you and yours like/dislike the above.
    Take care from Oklahoma,
    Mike and the part Mexican Lady of the house.

    1. :o) Thanks for sharing Mike, I reckon I will and I can’t see how I wouldn’t like it, can you :o) Steve

  7. HI Steve, I am in New Mexico, and it is hard to find someone to give you detailed info on how to do this and make them wonderful…so thank you! I have access to good masa, and I appreciate the instruction.

    1. You’re welcome, so many Tortilleria, when we were in Mexico, were happy to chat about the way they made their Masa and Tortilla, I am just passing on what I learned. Mine tasted good but the ones in Mexico were better :o) Must be the Corn.

    2. When I lived in New Mexico, I ate many a delicious home-made flour tortilla, but I never met anyone who made their own tortillas de masa.

  8. As a Mexican I can tell this are authentic tortillas, you’re a genius Steve thanks for spreading the original recipe, lots of love from Mexico!

    1. That means a lot to me thank you, I was treated so wonderfully in Mexico and we ate so well, I miss the friends I have there and the country.. ❤️🇲🇽 Thank you.

  9. I looooooved your vid!!! I just have a question, could you please give me the name of the press that you used? that would be amazing.

  10. So here I am, a gringa norteamericana, watching an Aussie make Mexican tortillas de masa. Gotta love YouTube! Seriously, thanks for the video. Whenever I’ve tried to make them, they come out hard as little frisbees. I think I’ve been overcooking them!

    1. Not Fresh Masa but Melbourne Has El Cielo, who sell Great Masa Flour. The Press by the way is sold in many of the Indian Stores but I’m in Melbourne.. Cheers John Link below the Video

  11. I love to binge watch to these kinds of channels! And if I like them enough I subscribe, I subscribed to this channel

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