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How To Make Corn Masa


Learn how to make their own corn masa with this online cooking class with our culinary chef. Homemade tamales or tortillas will never have tasted so good!



4 cups Dry white or yellow corn

4 Tbsp. Calcium Hydroxide (cal)

8 Cups of water


1. Place the corn in a colander and rinse under cold water. This step just helps rinse away any dust pesticides that might be coating the corn.

2. Prepare the lime mixture; add water to a large (at least 4 quart) noncorrosive pan. Place the pan over high heat and add the lime (Cal) and stir until it is dissolved.

3. Boil the corn; add the corn into the lime water, stirring gently. Use a slotted spoon and remove any kernels that float to the top of the water. Allow the water to boil then reduce the heat to a simmer, allow boiling 15 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and allow the corn to soak. Allow soaking, covered, overnight.

4. Wash the corn; this step is very important. If you don't rinse and clean the corn properly your dough will be yellow and taste like lime. Pour the corn into a colander and place it under cold running water. Use both your hands and rub the corn between your hands to loosen any hulls still attached to the corn.

5. Grind the (Nixtamal) you may use your food processor.

Tip: You can find calcium hydroxide (Cal) at any Hispanic supermarket in the spice section.

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47 thoughts on “How To Make Corn Masa

  1. I live in the South of France and can not get masa here and didn’t know how to make it. Thank you so much for posting this video.

  2. I been looking around if anyone had came up the a video about making “Corn Masa” for tortillas., corn bread, corn croms for frying fish and poultry — Thank you a great video. Keep them coming I am hook!!!!

    1. +peter zelaya Happy you found the video you’ve been looking for! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

  3. Great video thanks for sharing. Is that a kitchen aid meat grinder? How many times did you have to run it through. It does not look like it is fine enough for tortillas though. Possibly tamales. I have been in search for a good molino that will grind nixtamal to the right consistency. I have yet to find one, other than the nixtamatic from mexico which will run about 500 dollars once all is said and done and you get it to the states. Any thoughts on this? Mexican Embalado makes an awesome mill but its really huge. would still want it but most likely a few thousand dollars. But it grinds the masa so fine that it puffs up like a pillow when you cook the tortilla on the comal.

    1. +Cookingdude 123 (Sean Maggi) It is a kitchen aid with the grinder attachment, I only ran the nixtamal once through the grinder, but you can do it twice if you want to get a finer masa.

    2. cool thanks. I have found a way to get the corn fine enough to make puffy tortillas, but I have to blend the corn in my kitchen aid blender with a ton of water so the masa does not seize up. Make a slurry, then I have to cheat and add some Maseca to get it to the proper masa for tortillas so they puff. Still about 75% whole corn 25% maseca, but other than buying an awesome expensive molino I have not figured out another way. Have you had issues with this as well using the kitchen aid and getting the fine enough texture for fluffy, puffy corn tortillas? Just trying to pick your brain thanks man again for the vid.

    3. +Cookingdude 123 (Sean Maggi) It has worked for me if you run the masa twice through the grinder it comes out very fine.

    4. will give it a try. I tried running it through my meat grinder with the smallest plates but still had to big of pieces in it. will give it a go again, thanks.

  4. Thank you for this video. Interesting and fun. Peter was informative and an enjoyable host.

  5. I normally use the kitchen aid grain mill attachment but you have used the food grinder with about the same results.

    1. The grain mill but it only serves one purpose. If I could not afford both, I would buy the food grinder which also grinds meat

    2. If you have the grain mill attachment it will work better, but the meat grinder will do the job as well.

  6. Hey Chef,Jumping in with both feet. Bought a Metate’ to do a 2nd grind after running the nixtamal thru a grain mill. How long will the nixtamal remain fresh if not ground right away? Great video!!! Thanks for the lesson…

    1. That’s great if you grind the masa in a metate is going to give
      you very smooth masa and when you cooked the tortillas they will puff up very
      nice. The nixtamal can keep in the refrigerator for about 5 days.

  7. Dear Chef, I made this last year. There is no comparison with this fresh masa and store bought! I was so inspired I ordered some blue corn that originated from Mexico. Now I’m preparing some to make my favorite tamales for my family. Thank you for the video!

    1. He did say ashes, idk maybe burn some wood. Add a tablespoon in your mixture. idk. If I can’t find it that’s what I’m planning on doing.

  8. Muchisimas gracias lo voy hacer ojala esta noche!
    Supone uno hechar sal con el cal?

    1. MrFluero the calcium hydroxide creates a basic solution. This helps break down some of the compounds in corn and make is better to eat.

  9. Chef, a lot of people living outside of mexico (and/or outside of a corn farming rehion), looking to try this for the first time may not know a critical fact … that the dried corn youre using is Field corn aka dent corn, NOT popcorn.

  10. If I want to make a Tortilla out of this dough, do I add pork fat to it then press it on a Tortilla press?

    1. You don’t have to add any fat to this dough, all you do is add water to make the dough softer and press into tortillas. You would add pork fat if you are making tamales with the dough.

    2. You can, but measured… And instead of plain water you can add a little bit of canned chicken or vegetable broth, as long as you keep the final dough (which this is, a dough…) with the right consistency… to press… for tortillas…

    1. The CANNED hominy is also used for making grits. But it can also be used to make masa. Go to zoylaM in youtube and check on precious additional info…

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