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How To Make Chicken Tamales : Preparing Masa Mix for Chicken Tamales

How to prepare the masa mix for authentic chicken tamales; learn more about making traditional Mexican and Latin American food in this free cooking video.

Expert: Yessenia Balan
Bio: Yessenia has a Bachelor of Music Education and over 10 years of experience as a music teacher.
Filmmaker: Francisco Baez

20 thoughts on “How To Make Chicken Tamales : Preparing Masa Mix for Chicken Tamales

  1. I was thinking the SAME thing!!! It’s scary 2 think about what some cooks do who prepare our food!

  2. I totally agree. How can she not speak spanish? You can tell she’s a beaner. Her mom would have given better instructions. I learned nothing.

  3. Most people seem to swear by lard for their tamales, but it is saturated fat and not very healthy. Corn oil would be a good choice if you are concerned about the fat.
    I would definitely use the cooking broth instead of water because the flavor is much better! I know a gal who used a little of the chili sauce mixed in with her masa. Her tamales were awesome and never came out dry!

  4. i used your steps and made some pretty good tamales of course practice makes perfect so i will get there i’m sure by christmas i will have it down! Thanks for taking the time to share such an awesome recipie. and they do freeze really well!!

  5. @robertjameslarsen You know, I have read up on that since I posted this comment and you are correct! I saw a rather good article in Chow Hound and they said pretty much the same thing. Next time I make them I’m using lard!

  6. @fift9vw I think it’s good for us who are Mexicans and we are living in the US, we cannot always find the same ingredients…of course we would love to use the good stuff, but it’s almost impossible to find sometimes.

  7. I don’t mean to be mean, but having watched many of these “expert” village videos, I gotta say they really suck. Thumbs up if you agree.

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