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How to cook Mexican Sopes – Mom’s Kitchen

Bienvenidos, learn how to make declicious Mexican Sopes with chorizo and potatoes. Check out Mama Lupita do her magic cooking. In this segment of Mom's Kitchen, Mama Lupita shows us how to make delicious Mexican Sopes with Chorizo and Potatoes. ¡Que Rico!

Corn Dough (Maza)
Mexican Sausage (Chorizo)
Refried Beans
Mexican Fresh Cheese (Queso Fresco)
Sour Cream
Pico De Gallo

Need a soup with those Mexican Sopes? Learn how to how to cook Mexican Lentil Soup! It's easy! Check it out:

Or Learn how to make Gorditas with Pork Cracklings instead.

How to cook chorizo con papas coming soon! (Mexican Sausage with Potatoes)

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14 thoughts on “How to cook Mexican Sopes – Mom’s Kitchen

  1. me gusto la tortilladora, una de esas me hace falta para hacerle unos sopes estilo d.f. a mi morena consentida!! 🙂 gracias por el video

  2. I was trying to follow a recipe that said I should shape the sopes into boat-shapes before cooking them, but it looks much easier to do it afterwards. Your filling and toppings look so good! Muchas gracias!

  3. the serving suggestions is the only thing i got from this video. so far i’ve watched like 8 videos on how to do sopes (i always do lots of research before trying a new recipe so i don’t screw it up. lol) anyways, was disappointed when she (the lady in the video) skipped right over the pinching of the sides of the sopes when they come off the pan. from what i have gathered so far is: your supposed to do the pinching right when they come off the frying pan and they are still hot. this is a pretty important step cause it keeps the topping in better. she spent more time explaining about the chorizo sausage and potatoes than she did on the ACTUAL sopes!!!! well guess i have to watch some more videos…..ttfn ***ta ta for now!  (-tigger from winnie the pooh  ICYDK)****

    1. I noticed that too! Well, I guess that’s the “magic” of Mama Lupita’s cooking talked about in the opening description! 😀

    2. You know what. I got all the ingredients to make soles but I got frustrated with all the conflicting techniques. I gave up. 😐

    3. +Ann Hutcheson You know what. I got all the ingredients to make sopes but I got frustrated with all the conflicting techniques. I gave up. 😐

      (sorry about the duplicate reply my app on my iPad doesn’t let me directly reply to a comment so i’m sending this one from my desk computer.)

      but let me know if you figure out your question! i’m still curious to know what the “experts” would say. i’ve also tried watching even more videos since then but a large majority of them for mexican food is in spanish which i unfortunately am still a (very) beginner at. Lol

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