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Homemade Tortillas Instan Corn Masa Flour

Hi everyone👋 would you like to learn how to make homemade tortilla out of instant corn masa flour/handmade only 2 recipe needed water and corn flour.

All right my youtube friends can you let me know if you like this video, more homemade food coming soon and great places to shop for fresh fruits, vegetable, and more.

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27 thoughts on “Homemade Tortillas Instan Corn Masa Flour

  1. Thank you ladies I love corn tortillas but I never attempted to make them I’ve only made flower tortillas but now I’m going to but I was hoping you could show us how to make Beria beef please

    1. Thank you for viewing our videos will do soon hoping this New Years will be with surprises such as cooking, house tour and much more. Thanks again

  2. Wow! I thought I needed a tortilla press! you guys rock by making them by hand! Awesome! God bless you! 😃

  3. You girls are awesome at rounding and pressing them out perfectly and your so fast. I called my daughter to come watch. LOL..she said DANG THEY ARE FAST!!😵GOOD JOB😊

  4. Thanks for a great video! I’m getting ready to try making them for the first time for supper tonight, but I’m going to use the recipe on the bag and a tortilla press. I’m not brave enough to do it by feel. lol

  5. Thanks!! Im teaching my 5 yr old to make tortillas because its fun to do together but i suck at the jand technique so they’re never completly round lol great video!

  6. I’ve been looking all over the internet for this kind of tortilla and all these complicated recipes kept popping up. I knew it couldn’t be that complicated. Thank you for this. Straight to the point and clearly explained.

  7. I’m tryna learn how to make tortillas for my boo slowly learning new stuff and dammm the way you did it looked so easy I’m definitely gonna try your method

  8. Great video. Can’t wait to make the thick ones like you guys made. I always make them thin with a tortillas press.

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