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Green Chile Tamales (Tamales Verdes) Recipe – Authentically Mexican | Deliciously Vegetarian

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In this episode Adriana Guillen will teach how to make green chile tamales. Authentically Mexican | Deliciously Vegetarian is a monthly cooking show that focuses on Mexican Vegetarian food.

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Yields approximately 8 tamales

Ingredients for Masa:
2 cups Masa Harina
¼ cup of corn oil
2 tablespoons of seasoning (look below)
3 teaspoons of baking powder
2 ½ cups of water

Ingredients for Salsa Verde
10 medium tomatillos
5 jalapeños
2 garlic cloves
Salt to taste (about two teaspoons)

Tamales filling:
3 chiles poblanos
2 cups shredded Oaxaca cheese

Ingredients for seasoning:
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Production Team:
Adriana Guillen – Chef, Executive Producer, Writer,Director, Set Director

Adrian Davila – Co – Producer, Director of Photography, Creative Director, Camera Operator, Post Production Audio Engineer, Animator, Editor

Edward Pages – Camera Operator, Lighting, Gaffer

Dylan Marcus – Production Audio Engineer

Daniel Saldarriaga – Location Manager, Production Assistant

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39 thoughts on “Green Chile Tamales (Tamales Verdes) Recipe – Authentically Mexican | Deliciously Vegetarian

  1. Okay, finally getting around to watching this! lol It’s good that it won’t need all the females in my family. haha I didn’t know the pepper had veins that made it spicy, that’s very interesting. 🙂 This dish sounds very interesting. I’ve never eaten anything like it so I’m not sure what I’d think, but I love food so I’d try almost anything at least once! I just love watching you cook, you just are so happy and you can clearly see your passion for cooking while watching you, although I always get so hungry afterwards!

    1. Hi Luz,  it depends on how many you are steaming at once but on average it takes about 45-50 minutes 🙂

    1. +Adriana Guillen I’m watching the video for the information, you speak lovely and present everything well.  You don’t need a detraction from the whole point of the video.  

  2. Always nice to see healthy alternatives, coming from the mexican culture, our foods are good but unhealthy lol

    1. Thank you!  They can definitely be unhealthy and I am trying my best to recreate our wonderful food with health in mind 🙂
      Thank you for watching!

    2. +itztani It’s  kind of funny because mediterranean food (Spanish, Italian, French, Greek…) is actually one of the healthiest in the world

  3. i think its awesome how you seem to take the time to reply to most of the comments that are sent your way. food looks awesome great video……..

    1. +kindchoices Yay! Let me know how they turn out. As long as you have good cheese it should work out great.

    1. +Daisy Portillo Awww, Yay!!! I feel so happy that you liked them. Did you take any pictures? I hope you try more of my recipes.

  4. I just discovered you! I am Mexican-American and have been vegetarian for 8 years now. I had almost/basically cut out Mexican food out of my diet, because I felt that without all the meat broths/meat it just wouldn’t do it justice. I know some of your stuff *isnt* as authentic as some of us know to be (but how can anything compete with our mother’s cooking?!)….but it still makes me nostalgic!!!! which is an amazing thing! thank you so much for your videos. They have opened my eyes to what I have been missing =)

    1. +d lo Awww, your comment made my day! Thank you so much for watching my videos. We have been vegetarian for almost the same time yay! I try to make it as authentic as possible yet making them healthier and of course vegetarian/vegan. But you are absolutely right, no one can ever compete with our own mom’s cooking 🙂

    1. +Alex Santos We had audio difficulties with some of my older videos, it has been fixed for newer ones. Thank you 🙂

    2. I hate that! It’s called background music, not overpowering music. Now look what we’re doing. Talking about the music instead of the recipes. Better yet, can the music.

  5. Since I’d vegan what would you recommend as a substitution for queso oaxaceno? I’ve had vegan tamales de frijol but have yet to find other recipes 🙂

    1. +Jazmin Hernandez I would try vegan mozzarella cheese 🙂 Just look for a good quality one. Whole foods has started to bring some artisan style vegan ones. Let me know how it turns out. I love frijol ones too!

    2. Jazmin Hernandez I’m Vegan too and I just bought the Vegan mozerella. It looks good and the texture as well. I will be making them this week.

  6. May I ask, does it have to be corn oil? I always have olive and coconut on hand. Also I recommend anyone who is having trouble hearing you for this particular video, wear headphones, makes it much easier.

    1. +XDementedLoveX it doesn’t, I like the flavor of corn oil for most Mexican dishes but olive oil works great as a substitute:)

  7. I love your demonstration and plan to make the tamales, but I don’t understand why you had the music playing. I could hardly hear you and could not understand what you are saying. You did such a good job on the preparation. It is a shame that I can not hear your voice over the music.

    1. +Sheila Gray Thank you! I know, we had a lot of issues with this video and audio, it was one of my first videos but hopefully the new videos have better audio for your taste.

  8. making these tonight !!!! Im vegan and this is perfect thank you thank you thank you, illjust give the queso ones to my boo lol

  9. had to unsubscribe, I can’t tell what you are saying over the music. We want to hear you not your fav music.

  10. how much oil did you say to add to the sauce? It just seems as if there is more than 2 tablespoon’s worth in the pot..

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