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Fried (Puffed-up) Gorditas, Mexican Recipe, how to Mexican food

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47 thoughts on “Fried (Puffed-up) Gorditas, Mexican Recipe, how to Mexican food

  1. omg, it looks so nice, im not good at all for cooking, but on decembre ill g to mexico, and ill try all these delights…thanx for sharing and greetings from colombia

    1. +Andrew Smith I’m going to Mexico on Nomvember too!! I hope you have fun and take care! thanks for watching!! greetings from Georgia all the way to Colombia!

  2. I made these last night…..these are the best gorditas I have ever tasted! I live in Puerto Vallarta and I brought some to my landlady and even she was impressed!!! Thank you so so much!!!! I am buying a tortilla press just so I can continue making these!

    1. +Ramon C I’m glad you like them 😀 they really are awesome, I could eat them everyday lol but they are not healthy at all.. thank you so much for watching and commenting! 😀 I hope you have a lovely day!

  3. +debmart59 hello sis how are you this evening, just got on the computer today, wanted to say good nite to you before i lay back down, hugs deb love ya sis will talk to you in the am much love to always helen, looks yummy right:)

    1. Looks delicious . Goodnight I’m stuck again it’s another winter storm. Sleet and snow. 3 wk in a row. OMG I can’t take this. I’m needing a vocation. Love ya sleep well talk in a. m.

  4. I’ve been eating gorditas for the past few weeks from this Mexican place across the street. I am in love with them. Now I really want to learn how to make Mexican food, I’ve been inspired. Thanks Sandy!

    1. Well liberals are all about creating conflict to further their fantasy Utopian world, so they really aren’t into the reality of anthropology and how almost every culture over the eons that had the opportunity has borrowed ideas, foods, arts and weapons, anything they liked from other cultures that they come across. It natural human behavior. You copy the things you like. As the saying goes “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. It’s not cultural appropriation. If one went by this stupid liberal concept then borrowing a recipe from someone not of your ethnic, racial or nation would be a cultural appropriation.

    1. I always love the combination of well spoken fluent English with a Hispanic accent. Sounds so classy. Same way I like the formal Queens English accent.

    1. You’re not eating them yourself :/ Do you wear gloves in your home kitchen? Just curious. 🙂

  5. My gosh. I’m trying to lose weight but you’re Gorditas made me feel so hungry. Lol! 😁

  6. Hi Sandy, I think I need to have you over to my house for cooking lessons! You make it look so easy. I’d love for you to teach me! We can make home made sangria too! Bring ya bikini and we can swim and then I give you a hot oil massage and finish you off with hot rocks for doing such a wonderful job teaching me to make gorditas and maybe a little something, something from one of ya favorite dessert recipes!!

  7. In my city: Cartagena-Colombia we make this. We call them Arepas and stuffed them with a raw egg, ground beef and fried them a second time so the egg gets cooked.

    1. Muchas gracias por esta receta! Estos son mi marido favorito pero aprendo de mi suegra que lo hace usando el camal primero, cortando luego freír … la mía siempre salió como pan pita 😲 gracias a tu video puedo saltarme el camal!!!! Y estoy seguro de que mi suegra estará feliz de que mi marido no tendrá que molestarla para hacerlos. (o no tan a menudo de todos modos.) Por supuesto que su cocina también lo es. 🤗

  8. Beautiful recipes, pero, por favor, poquito mas despacito cuando hablan; you are speaking way too fast. Thank you.

  9. I whant to ask you is they’re a difference between the maseca and the regular corn flour?thank you.

  10. mexican women are sooooo wonderfull they are true angels !!!!!!!!!! they are the most wonderfull cooks in the world its sooooooo amazing !!!!!!!! thank you for your video !!!!!

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