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Fluffy steamed buns filled with sweet red beans (Jjinppang: 찐빵)

Traditional Korean jjinppang, or fluffy steamed buns filled with red beans, are soft on the outside, with chunky, sweet red bean paste in the inside. Full recipe:

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48 thoughts on “Fluffy steamed buns filled with sweet red beans (Jjinppang: 찐빵)

  1. I really love it when you joking with us , it feels like you really speak derectly to me 😁 thank you for your lovely videos🙌💓

  2. You have what I call “Barista” or “Chef” hands. I got mine in college working at Starbucks. Spill enough hot milk on your hands/fingers, you stop feeling it. 🙂 Chef hands are hard earned! Great recipe!

    1. LJ Aquatics…yes, for people who cook so often like me..3 meals a day, my hands are so toughened that I can easily touch piping hot food and lift off a boiling lid or pot with my bare hands. I sacrifice my hands for beautiful awesome food for my family! Lol 😄

  3. 12:09 ”Calm doooooown” hahaha it made me laugh so hard xd that was so cute <3 we eat that kind of buns for dinner sometimes, but my mom fills it with homemade rose petal jam. It's really delicious

  4. Lol bread and pastries are most time consuming but so worth it. Unless everyone eats it before you get one 🤣. Those want use left over pulled pork is good or chopped beef in them too.

    1. Yui Chan I wasn’t a fan of Shinee but now I am and I’m sure he would have been my bias😢😢😢

    2. Stay strong shawols, I didn’t really listen to Shinee but I remember the video of Jonghyun surprise meeting his fan at her job, he was so sweet and supportive. The world lost a king but know he’s happy wherever he’s at. #RosesForJonghyun

    3. very sad, hopefully this will shed more light on how poisonous the kpop industry really is, and will help bring some change to the industry for the artists :/

    4. Brittany Brown I’m not sure how much the industry could change. Many other kpop idols have done the same and it left no effect on the industry, however hopefully it will show just how torturous the industry really is in turn preventing impulsive youths from joining the industry on a whim.

  5. Oh Maangchi, thank you once again! Your videos & your recipes & your cooking & your wonderful heart are so refreshing! You are terrific! I’m crazy for you!

  6. 겨울이면 제일 생각나는게 김 모락모락 나는 찐빵이죠~ 좀 있으면 아이들 겨울 방학인데요~ 레시피 잘 보고 있다 해줄려구요~ 정겨운 망치님 웃음소리에 훈훈한 기운으로 아침시간을 보내고 있어요~ 항상 망치님 영상 감사히 보고 있어요~ 추운 날히 건강 잘 챙기세요~^^❤

  7. 역시 겨울엔 찐빵이죠!!
    어렸을때 엄마따라 시장에 가면 할머니분께서 찐빵 엄청큰거 하나에 천원씩 파는거 많이 먹었는데~ㅎㅎ
    요즘은 다 작아서 두 세개 먹어야 하지만요ㅋㅋ
    맛있고 따끈따끈한 레시피 감사해요💓

  8. Other than loving Maangchi for being a great (read : sweet ) person and great chef what I love the most about her is how she is extremely conscious about not wasting even a morsel of food. Coming from a third world country I know how the struggle for food really is, and nothing is more cringe worthy than witnessing chefs and cooks wasting foods while cooking.

    1. Salma, you get it! We,in U.S.A., can become so very spoiled. I feel so lucky. My Mother taught me not to waste. I don’t care how rich/poor we are, it’s very important not to waste!…Thank you.

    2. It really touched me when she said that.i usually get so angry and shout whenever i watch someone leaving morsels behind while cooking.

  9. These look so tasty! The dough reminds me of Swedish cinnamon buns, I wonder if these buns would be good with a pinch of cinnamon in the mix?!

  10. Greek caption is available now. Sofia Anna submitted the caption for those who speak Greek. Thank you, Sofia!

    1. Maangchi We have something similar in Kerala called modakam. But the filling is green gram, coconut shredding.

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