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Chinese Pork Buns Recipe / 豬肉白菜包子


How to make Xiao Long Bao Pork Buns:
My video on How To Prepare Dough:

Baozi(Buns) is a traditional Chinese dish, it is very popular in China.
1 lb ground pork
1/2 lb Chinese cabbage
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil
green onion
a little bit of ginger

the dough ingredients
1/2 tsp active dry yeast
1 cup warm water
3 cups all-purpose flour
Music made for me by Used with permission from the artist

57 thoughts on “Chinese Pork Buns Recipe / 豬肉白菜包子

  1. You are so skilled and passionate, i really apreciate this in a chef. I will try to do my first buns this weekend. Ty for the hard work!

  2. EXCELLENT VIDEO! I’ve watched a number of these from different people now.  Some are pretty good and I learn a little bit from all of them, but this is the best one for level of detail and just getting to the point without a lot of extraneous stuff.  Also, the way you placed the camera allowed me to see exactly how to fold it.  I think I might try doing this maybe this weekend or next. Thanks!

  3. 谢谢你的菜谱,我今天做了,大家都说很好吃,很赞!!说得我脸都红了!:D
    你真的太棒啦!!( ^ω^ )

  4. Do you boil the water first before putting in the buns to steam? Or, do you start steaming the buns with cold water? Also, how do you prevent the water to drip down to the second layer of the steam pot? Thanks!

    1. +Cooking With May Lynn Yes, May Lynn is right ! So that we will let the buns from cold then slowly the warm the hot and during this time. it will rise too. Once Hot, all yeasts will be killed !
      Is ok if the water drip down as they are not cakes !

    2. What does it mean to start steaming with cold water? Do you put the buns on the steamer and they sit while the water gets hot and starts to boil?

  5. All purpose flour is not going to yield white buns as shown in this video. The buns will look yellowish. Most likely Hong kong flour is used here, which is a highly bleached flour.

    1. Yeah exactly.  i think the bamboo steamer photo was not part of the person’s filming.  those white ones, dont match the look of what they made, LOL.

    2. What plant creates Honk Kong flour? Also will it still taste the same or alot different? Will it taste different with wheat flour? Just for the sake of increasing the number of comments in this comment trend…

    3. I’ve used all purpose flour before to make buns and they come out white. You’re steaming it, not baking…

    4. Elizabeth Tice But it still has a yellowish tinge compared to using the right flour.

  6. thanks you very much , i can tell it s a good recipe and shows to me some new way and idea, , i suscribe to your youtube, because i m a fan of chinese cuisine, and i m sure i was chinese in another life ( don t know what wrong i did to become french lol) i cant wait to start doing that receipee,  = )

    1. Asian food is one of the best .. l have never done this but because l myself cook a lot and l will include this to my personal dish

    1. +Jenny Lay what i recommend is mashed tofu and some chopped shiitake mushrooms. the mashed tofu can act as some sort of shape holder and the shiitake mushrooms can be substituted for the meaty parts.

  7. chop the cabbage then sprinkle some salt on it make sure the salt covers all of the cabbage then let it sit for a few minutes add water bit by bit to the ground meat mix it continuously in one direction and light soy sauce and mix add chopped ginger and green onion after letting it sit for a few minutes make sure to drain any excess water from the cabbage squeeze out the water chop up the cabbage again until it is very fine then add it to the ground meat and mix add oil add sesame oil prepare the dough
    the dough ingredients

  8. I always wanted to eat meat bun, but I never had the chance.
    Not a single Asian restaurant in my hometown makes this 😒
    (I live in Germany).
    I think I try to make it myself on saturday.
    Gonna buy tomorrow all I need, like a steamer 😉

    THANK YOU for this video 😊🙏

    1. Same here 😀 im trying out to make these recipies that I can’t buy around because I want to eat and try food like that.

    2. …okay hab grade gesehen, dass dein Kommentar schon ewig her ist ..anyway.. man braucht nicht unbedingt einen “steamer”. Schonmal Dampfnudeln gemacht? Einen breiten Topf mit 40% Wasser füllen ein sauberes Geschirrtuch stramm auf dem Topf festbinden und fertig =)

    1. +Flavia Murillo lo que no explica es la masa el proceso primero se deve mesclar las 3 cups que no son tasas sino copas en ingles de arina es diferente se mescla con una pizca de polvo para hornear y despues un poquito de manteca vegetal para la textura, aparte pones el agua que este un poquitito tivia como para un bebe para que la levadura cresca ademas una pisquita de azucar casi nada alluda a la levadura la dejas 10 minutos mezclada con el agua y la azucarita en en vacito despues de los 10 minutitos ya puedes empezar a mezclar la masa una vez amasada la cubres por 2 horas con un plastico y preparas el relleno despues que la masa cresca la amasas de nuevo y la cortas para hacer los baos osea los panecitos una vez nomas los pones en la vaporera por 25 minutos y listo

    2. +koke kusanov gracias por traducir, me gustaría que apareciera en español todas sus recetas hay una de pasteles que se ven muy ricos

    3. gracias! andaba viendo cuanto tiempo dejarlos al vapor jejeje de verdad gracias 🙂

    1. Danh Nguyen the quality of flour.different country different,so don’t expect same.i like Korean flour cake comes so soft.

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