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Authentic Tamale Recipe

32 thoughts on “Authentic Tamale Recipe

  1. Wonderful tamales, and you make it look nice and easy.
    It has been a very long time since I have enjoyed tamales which are homemade, and now I am hungry for a dozen!

  2. What an awesome video and recipe. I was able to follow your instructions step by step. Thank you very much!!

    1. I loved it. I needed the schooling part. This is one of those recipes that I wanted to get right. Thanks again.

    1. Im so late but i will say it anyways… Merry Christmas to you and yours… Annnnd I hope you have a lovely new years! ❤❤❤❤

  3. I really liked what you did video was nice as well. But the link to the recipe isn’t the same as the ingredients you used in the video. It would be nice if you could add a list of your ingredients. Your audio was quite well and pleasant just an added plus would be a list. Thank you for posting.

  4. yes yes and yes. Finally an authentic and very good tamale tutorial recipe. Could you please type up and post your recipe with measurements? It’s a long process but good tamales take time. thanks again

    1. Thanks… Its alot of steps… But if you take your time on doing each one the assembly is easy… Im still working on spreading the masa easier lol….

  5. I been tryna find a good tamale recipe for ever this one look legit I most definitely will be trying it out

  6. I must say you know how to season your tamales. These are soul tamales. I need to learn before Christmas.

    1. Thank you. Its VERY time consuming lol. Ive been debating if I want to make some this Christmas… I hope yours turn out well. tfw!

  7. Wow! I went to the store and bought ALL the ingredients. The first time, i failed… But today I
    come across your video and a followed your advice, Season the meat VERY well. I even put the red chiles in the broth, and it got a nice little kick! The sauce was so flavorful!!! And so was the dough!! Thanks for the tip! (I love when i have all the ingredients in a recipe!!)

  8. Looking for a good for #tamalerecipe & although I must say I’ve never heard of lemon pepper, oregano & a few other ingredients.. but this recipe sounds amazing! Absolutely love how you kept it old school using MANTECA 👍🏼NOT “shortening” 👎🏼
    😁Thank You for sharing I can’t wait to try this recipe🤗💯

  9. Best video I’ve seen…. been looking for a good tamales recipe and came across yours. Thanks for sharing, but do you have a website that list the exact measurements?

  10. Hi guys… Im sorry but i cant find this recipe anywhere… Most of the recipe was done by taste… sorry …❤

    1. Cooking with Honey Everyone has their preferred flavors and seasoning. Recipes are just guidelines and suggestions. But you’re right about cumin, that’s extremely important

  11. I made these tamales a few times now…and I love this reciepe my kids and I enjoy them! Thanks for sharing. Now I dont have to wait on my mom to make them cause Honey taught me! 😜

    1. Liz Le ☺☺☺ Yesss… Im so happy it works for you. Thanks for the feedback…❤

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