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30 husks in a minute

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"TAMALES, MORE TAMALES" QUICKLY Spread 30 husks in a minute!
Tamale spreader helps tamale makers spread masa dough fast. MASTER SPREADING 30 corn husks in one minute. Make 10 DOZEN in 10 MINUTES!!!! NO MORE WORK SPREADING THAT MASA. TRADITION CONTINUES!

26 thoughts on “30 husks in a minute

    1. Do u size ur ojas or they come sized to fit ur spreader? I have ur spreader but my ojas r too big!

  1. The tamale spreader is WONDERFUL! It makes what was a long, tedious job into a snap! I just got my spreader; I’m not as fast as Sandra yet, but with just a little practice, I was turning out perfectly spread masa on husks in no time at all! How did we live without this invention? Sandra, if there was a nobel prize for cooking, you and your tamale spreader should win! I will never have to buy tamales again, and I know the ones I make will be delicious. Also, I can make varieties of tamales that aren’t usually available (like the sweet chicken recipe in another of Sandra’s videos). THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I think I will order more spreaders and give them as Christmas presents. I wish all the HEB stores in Texas would carry the spreaders, more people would make tamales! Bless you Sandra, I hope you make a million dollars with your invention!

  2. Well, I really could have used this today! You want to know who your true friends are, see who sticks around when it is time to assemble tamales. I hope now to get one of these masa spreaders.

    1. They sell them in Detroit at algo especial in MexicanTown on Bagly street next to Mexican village

  3. Hi there I met you in Houston and you also recommended the masa already prepared from mithenda I’m wanting to try it but not sure if I need to add any ingredients other than salt to it ? Please let me know ..thank you

  4. bought mine 2 weeks ago. got it a couple of days later. gotta say why wasn’t this invented sooner. the spreader is awesome. my only con, no one else wants to learn how to use the spreader. yay me lol. i will be ordering more

  5. It is spread too thin…should be ashamed for making those thin things, making tamales with love, and showing that you have passion, this way cheapens the way this fake Mexican makes them.

  6. is it better to let the Masa dry a lil on the husk before filling and rolling them up?..or does it not really matter? because your just doing /Completing this 1st step 1st to make them quicker so you can move on to filling them?..Sandra Thank YOU So Much for making All These Step By Step Video Tutorial’s In English & Spanish.. Yer a real sweetheart.. I am So Excited about Making these with My 2 oldest daughters who are Married & have My 7 grandchildren…I Just Know we’ll be passing this down for generations to come!~~Thank You So Much!!~{{{hugs}}}~

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