Masa Harina

$28/Week Experiment: Masa Corn Flour A Highly Versatile Option

My opinion of Masa Corn Flour for prepping and low cost dietary options. A highly versatile food source in my opinion

13 thoughts on “$28/Week Experiment: Masa Corn Flour A Highly Versatile Option

  1. Yeah, Masa sounds like a more versatile and maybe healthy situation than wheat flour. May have to do some messing around with the stuff. You can make a pan bread from wheat flour about the same way, flat bread, but it’s not that great on it’s own.

  2. Bisquits man…cannot beat them!  You can make pancake mix and skillet bread with what you have purchased already.  I make mine all the time.  I haven’t tried Masa Flour so I need to give it a try.  Thanks for the video.

    1. +tj m it’s much better with some sugar and cinnamon.  Just picked up some chocolate chips to melt into it as well. . .will try that tonight.  It’s quite a bit tastier than I expected

    1. +neanderthor66 best with plenty of cinnamon. . .and now that I have it. . .chocolate chips.  I’ve only made mine with water so far. . .but whole milk could certainly make it even better

    2. +MDPrepper Never compare your own cooking to a Mexican mom’s. There’s no way to compete. 

  3. Making Pupusas would be a great way to use the masa flour if you have some beans and a little cheese.

  4. I’ve been adding Maseca and harina to my food preps since the beginning. To me it made more sense. I have flour and flour tortilla mixes as well. That and beans will indeed make a meal.

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