WTF – Neiman Marcus has appropriated TAMALES | mitú

Kat Lazo goes undercover at Neiman Marcus to see where to try and buy $92 tamales! – "Tamales? Is that in the Men's Department?"

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23 thoughts on “WTF – Neiman Marcus has appropriated TAMALES | mitú

    1. +Twiggy Morris
      Because it’s MY comment.
      why… respond – to my comment? You have choices boo, don’t have a cow.

    2. +Azuleé Iñaki if you don’t want people to have a discussion, why start one? you can make a youtube comment and disable replies, afterall…

      and i wasn’t being malicious or anything? i just thought it was weird and wanted to comment on what you said… no need to take it personal. >___>

    3. +Azuleé Iñaki and if you’re going to be rude, you might as well block me now. I haven’t said a single disrespectful thing to you and I don’t appreciate being disrespected for having an opinion that is not similar to yours “Boo”.

  1. gotta love the snobby answers some of the employees had. “I don’t understand you.” *rudely walks away*

  2. I get this is cultural appropriation but in this case, it is REALLY NOT a big deal. Take that chip off your shoulder.

  3. Just like Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro in Mexico.

    They have foods from all around the world in their department stores and to be delivered. Great!

    1. Onyanko yes late in replying but years ago I went with a friend and an employee kept following us

  4. Was this filmed in the WestChester mall in white plains?! Seems familiar plus the lady that said to go to port chester. Just random but I live in pc so I was just wondering lol

  5. Dang some of those Neiman Marcus employees were so rude. That last lady wasn’t even trying to hear that girl out!

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