Tamales-Preparing the Corn Husks & Masa

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6 thoughts on “Tamales-Preparing the Corn Husks & Masa

  1. I care..I am going to make some. Why bother slamming this? Seems informative to me!

  2. she really makes this look easy! Its fun for someone who has 6 hours to prepare a meal but it is hard work however i did enjoy being able to freeze them and heat them up whenever so I thank you for this recipie tip i just wish I would have watch your video before I watched someone else’s and made a terrible mistake! Thanks again!

  3. hey! Thanks!!! I’m really excited to try this out! I’ve been on the “hunt” for a good recipe bc I’m seeing a lot that require a TON of OIL or LARD!! I love how you don’t have much of that in your recipe. Thank you! Your awesome! Going to try this out tomorrow!

  4. Not sure if you have an HEB /mithenda near you but they sell the masa already prepared it’s made daily and it’s always fresh

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