Tamale Masa from Scratch

In this video I demonstrate how to make tamale masa from scratch. i have other videos on how to cook tamale meat, how to make chili pod paste, and how to steam your tamales coming soon.

26 thoughts on “Tamale Masa from Scratch

    1. I appreciate all the input, suggestions, and comments. I will get this new editing program up to speed in a few videos. Do you do any smoking? again, thanks for watching, keep on smokin! Rico

  1. Rico! Great upload : ), making a batch fiday. Congratulations on the fresh eggs! Oddly enough, I lost a hen to a 3:AM fox attack in the coop last night. Any ways, keep up good work!

    1. Hey Ryan, The tamales were wonderful, I am not a great wrapper, I will have the making the tamales posted soon. My fresh eggs are great, we have coyotes and dogs , I have not seen any foxes but i am sure they are here too. I also have owls, i am not sure if i have lost any yet to predators. I will get some of the chicken videos edited and posted also. Thanks for watching. Keep on smokin, Rico

    1. hey Bumble Bee, Yep the tamales were really good just looked like heck, i am not a great wrapper, I will have that video edited this weekend and posted. Thanks for watching,

    1. hey man, glad your watching, will get a few more edited this week I hope, keep on smokin

    1. John Faggart Hey John, glad you enjoyed. will getting some more smoking videos soon. I am working on the bbq/smoking area will be ready soon. keep on smokin, rico

  2. Hey Rico how about a video on how to care for the cast iron pots & pans I gotta make me some vaquero coffee but I have just a bit of rust on mine

    1. where you all from? whats the weather like? i hate smoking in the 100 degree + heat. time for happy hour and a lil R & R

    2. Few hours from u up by Sacramento it’s hot can’t keep my temp were it shud be but I cool down with some Pacifico’s my friend

    3. Hey Jr, I am going to be in Sacramento for a week in December, might be a good opportunity to do a group smoke??? Rico

    1. Hey Farm Life Oregon, it turned out really good, thanks for watching, when it cooler here I will get some more videos, Keep on Smokin, Rico

  3. I couldn’t watch you any longer. You need to give up making videos and ease up on the drinking.

    1. tkvalead1 I appreciate your support and apologize that my videos are not appealing to you. I do wish you well, its happy hour time here in california, Salud my friend, see you in tbe funny papers, Rico

  4. Easiest and best technique on the internet!!! Hell, you made it while drinking beer. I was overly intimidated until I watched you make it.

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