How to wrap a tamale

How to wrap a tamale.
You will need. 1.masa 2. filling 3. plate 4. saran wrap 5. spoon

25 thoughts on “How to wrap a tamale

  1. wow that is the most ingenious idea ever invented using that piece of wax paper and smashing it down like that…it must save loads of time preparing the tamales…thanks=)

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the plastic! There are at least 20 different ways to make tamales – I like your small size. Perfect for family get togethers and snacking. I also prefer wrapping the masa up between the husks for yummy layers instead of big bready wads like some people make. (Also – I still don’t understand why all the reprobates of the world have to make senseless negative comments on YouTube.)

  3. buena idea lo del plastico,pero asi no es la forma que nosotroslos mexicanos envolvemos los tamales,porq d esa forma se queda la mitad de lamasa en las hojas

  4. This is a great method, thanks so much for this vid…I’m making tamales tomorrow for the first time and I’m definitely trying this. I love the smallish size too. 🙂

  5. Great idea using plastic wrap, but that’s not the way tamales are wrapped. Half the masa will be stuck to the wrap! Meat in the middle, then fold each side towards the middle and the rest is basically the same. This way the tamale won’t be stuck to the paper.. Try it out 🙂

    1. It is like the wrapper around a candy. It holds the tamale together so you can steam it without it falling apart.

    2. +Brian Butler so the tamale itself is just the smushy part? how do you eat it? with a spoon?

    3. +Hjllo olljH The tamale is the “mushy” part and the meat inside. The masa hardens somewhat and envelopes the meat and you eat it with a fork or with your hands.

    4. +Brian Butler oh ok cause on some cartoon my younger sister was watching these guys ate tamales but they ate the whole thing even with the corn husk. So why is corn husk used and not some other thing?

  6. This is the first thing I’ve cooked that I thought I’d mess up the first time but, didn’t. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was I didn’t use enough sauce. I blame the recipe for that. Still did good for first try but, the next ones will be perfect. Think I’m going to personalize the sauce too add a little bit of spices. Yum!

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