How To Make Tamales, Mexican Food Recipes Chicken Pork Cheese Dough Masa Sauce Spreader

Tamale Recipe @ Delicious Tamale Recipe can be made with Pork, Chicken and Cheese. Learn how to make the Masa Tamale Dough and Tamale Sauce. Perfect Tamales. How To Use A Masa Spreader.

34 thoughts on “How To Make Tamales, Mexican Food Recipes Chicken Pork Cheese Dough Masa Sauce Spreader

  1. Those tamales look delicious! We tried tamales in Tijuana & loved them! I will have to try & make them at home. I hope you had a lovely Xmas. Happy & safe new year to you & your loved ones xox

    1. Dear Marie have wonderful beautiful New Year . Thanks so very much for your awesome support over the years you friend~Mai

    1. Happy New Year Ice Cream. Thanks so much for waiting and commenting. Happy cooking~Mai

  2. my basil leaf, do you know that you can use your mixer with the flat paddle attachment to pick apart the pork? I do it with pork and chicken breasts also. those plastic masa spreaders work good. nice vid.

  3. Looking forward to eating these for dinner tonight…. I appreciate the concise yet full description of all that I have to do..No guessing on this one. Thank you. Your whole site looks wonderful.

  4. cant wait to make Tamales you have made this video look very easy to cook .. thankyou

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for watching and commenting. Ya these tamales are easy, fun and taste great. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Have a nice weekend~Mai

    1. Hi Alyza, thanks so much for being such a big fan thats so awesome. I’ll look into a recipe for (pupusa). Have a nice day and happy cooking~Mai

    1. Hi Wendy, makes 22 tamales. Thanks for watching, happy cooking~Mai

    2. My Basil Leaf-Vietnamese-Asian And American Comfort Food Recipes how much baking powder and how much Masa????

  5. Mai- Thank you for this WONDERFUL recipe. I made some Pork Tamales tonight and they were SO GOOD!..very easy to make with your excellent video and easy to follow. Merry Christmas to you. And thanks again for sharing

  6. I grew up eating tamales my mom would make them for the holidays, and watching this video makes me appriaciate all the work it takes to make them. Your tamales look delicious!

    1. Some people use vegetable shortening. Beef Tallow works. If you have a hispanic grocery in your area, or any mexican restaurants, sometimes they can tell you where to get manteca (lard).

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