How to make tamales, cook them and make cheese tamales (rajas con queso)

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On this video you will learn hot to make a quick cheese (rajas con queso) tamales and you will learn how to make and cook tamales, an in depth discussion with the tips of the trade, enjoy!!

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30 thoughts on “How to make tamales, cook them and make cheese tamales (rajas con queso)

  1. Thank you for all of your videos on making tamales.. I’ve made them a long time ago but my masa wasnt very good.  I think with your instructions, it will be much better!

    1. I did learn how to use a lighter hand and make that lovely masa in the KitchenAid.  Thank you so much for your instruction.  It helped a LOT..  Blessings!

  2. A good tip is to put a couple of coins on the bottom of the pot, if your water run low the coins will rattle and you can add more water with out having to guess

  3. i love your recipie,this is the right way to make rajas con queso,to the people that are always negative,do not let them bring you down,you are doing a great job,keep it up !!!!

  4. Can you reply my message??
    Also I didn’t find any monster cheese in the store:(
    So I used Monterrey jack cheese it’s that ok?

    1. Its actually Muenster cheese, it just sounds like she says monster. But yes Monterey Jack is one of the closest to Muenster, it just has a bit more bite while Muenster is a bit more buttery. But also same texture qualities!

    1. some cheeses dont melt smooth & nice – some like muenster do.. they have a better mouth feel — thats what she means.

    2. +Brian Graves Swiss cheese is a good example that does not have a good consistency or texture when it melts.

  5. put a penny in the bottom of the pot in the water and when you hear it rattle you will then the water is boiling so you can then turn it down.   I just love this video thank you for posting this .. you sound so sweet.

  6. Thank you so much for these video’s. My Grandmother taught me but I didnt pay enough attention-I just wanted them to hurry up and cook. so now years later I have to have them but couldnt find any video’s or recipies that just tells it like it’s suppose to be! These video’s are exactly what I needed, Thanks again.

  7. Your tamales look delicious. I have a question………………Can you stack them two (2 Layers) high in the pot. I have a very large tamale pot and want to make a large amount.

    1. I was just wondering the same thing!  Thanks for asking, James, and thanks for answering, howtocook….

  8. I love tamales! I can’t wait to make it, but I have a couple questions I hope you will answer for me. If you spread the masa all over the husk and fold one side of the masa over the husk, when you unwrap it after it cooks, wouldn’t that side of the masa come right off? Could I fold one side down and make the masa cover the filling, then pull back that side of the husk and then fold the other side over then fold the opposite side back over and finish it that way? Also, should it be loose or tight when we fold it?

    1. TS just fold it like she shows you. it works fine. it’s how you do it. I promise. don’t complicate for yourself. lol

  9. omg you guys i tried this recipe and it came out SO GOOD!!!!!!!! everyone in my house was like SPOT ON. thank you so much for this it was very easy for a long time i always wanted to make tamales during the holidays and my family always said it took so long or just didnt know the recipe and wow so easy and good! happy im adding this recipe to a book im going to start saving lol thanks for sharing

  10. You are a very good teacher!  You are thorough and explain so many things very well.  I love to cook as a hobby and am not afraid to try any recipe.  I’ve spent all morning looking up various tamale recipes, tools, tricks, etc. via various websites and youtube. I loved watching this video because it’s getting me even more excited to make tamales.  I am trying to figure out if the tamale masa spreader that seems to be advertised a lot lately is worth the hype (many good and bad reviews so it’s hard to say since I’ve never made them before).  Thank you for the GREAT video!!!!!

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