How To Make Mexican Tamales – 10 Easy Steps

Here’s the Tamale recipe from the restaurant that my mom learned from my Abuelita, Mamá Chelo. I broke the process down into 10 easy to follow steps. After that, I found a great place where to buy youtube likes. Now we can all make Tamales whenever we want! ?

Hola! I'm Johanna, a Latina of Spanish, French, & Irish descendants. I'm a researcher turned entrepreneur and married to my best friend who happens to be Vietnamese. We're a wonky fusion, but like it that way! ☆ My channel is mostly cooking & lifestyle based. I love COOKING, being with my family & friends, dressing up, and just being happy! We also have two yorkies named Leo & Louie that are our spoiled furry children! Their endless shenanigans always make us laugh. See you in the next video!

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Cooking Notes:
Depending on the size of the Tamales you make, this recipe yields about 100, give or take.

Instead of Tontitos (Sweet Tamales) you can make ones filled with Potatoes, Cheese, and Roasted Pasilla Chiles ? . The Tamale filling possibilities are really LIMITLESS…just like my appetite…”the limit does not exisit” – Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls ?

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60 thoughts on “How To Make Mexican Tamales – 10 Easy Steps

  1. Lol, what demographic are trying to pull to watch your video? Cause I know the guys aren’t cookin’! ? Btw, nice tamales.

  2. umm! videography is very good. keep doing same.

    what’s the point with all the fuss? why not eat the beef straight?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. ? I have a lot of recipes I’d like to share this upcoming year so hopefully I can get better! I promise to give it my best for you guys! ?

      I agree tamales are a bit of fuss, but worth it in my book so long as it’s only done once a year! ? You can also have this meat filling served as is. We like it with homemade tortillas, so so very tasty ? Thanks again for watching & Happy New Year! See you at the next recipe video ❣️

    2. LaVieJolie I love tamale meat on a tortilla. So many times my mom ran me off as a kid cause I was snatching some.

    3. I couldn’t relate more! I have a memory of my abuelita throwing her chancla at me and one of my cousins to stay away from her precious tamale meat ? ?

    1. I agree! I never let my employees have long nails either. As my training is as a biochemist I’m a stickler for this rule, but this time the auntie that does my nails convinced me to go super long for the holiday. ? It’s hard to say no to a sweet older lady ?…I allowed it once, but never again, lesson learned. ? Best way to prevent food borne illness is via hand washing. Happy New Year!

  3. ” Mexican cooking is all about cooking with your eyes and just kinda guessing ”
    I couldn’t agree more. When people ask me for a recipe I gotta think hard about it sometimes.

    p.s. I really liked this recipe. Especially the details like keeping the meat juicy (not too juicy). Much better than dry tamales…..But I wanted to ask plz do a vid if u ever do green corn tamales. peace ✌

    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment ? Worst part is being put on the spot when asked for a recipe and you’re standing there like …? ???

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added it to the list of recipes I want to share this year. ? Hope you had a great New Year❣️?

    2. I’m the same way. My mother rarely ever measured amounts. She poured into her hands and measured that way. I cook by sight and feel also. My mother went blind the last 6 years of her life and still cooked by feel and taste. Not just small meals also, she cooked full course dinners and did everything like when she had her sight. She made everything from scratch. I am so glad I learned all I could from her and now I try to pass it on to my kids. I am making some tamales de puerco right now.

    3. fwacfred your mother sounds like such a strong and amazing woman. Thank you for watching and for sharing your mother’s stroy. ? My grandmother had a stroke when I was 12 years old that paralyzed the left side of her body, but she still lived life to the fullest capacity she possibly could. I would bring everything she needed within her reach and help her make meals for us and she, like your mom, measured using just her hand. Just remembering those moments with her make me so happy. Cooking is a way of self expression, maintaining & creating new traditions, and spreading love. I know your tamales are going to be great! Have a wonderful and blessed day. ?

    1. Yupe, agreed. ✅ Speaking 3 languages has made me only semi fluent ? It’s a miracle I passed my dissertation at all!

    1. Awww Thank you LOVE ?. If you’re ever passing by Ontario, Ca check out 3D Nails in Upland. It’s a far drive for me, I just wish they were closer ?

    2. Stay warm mamas & bundle up! My cousin is in Chicago and she’s freezing! Sending you a mental hug ? ?

    1. True? In writing I know this, but since I speak 3 languages I’ll mix things up all the time during verbal conversations. It’s a miracle I passed my oral defense of my dissertation in graduate school! ??

  4. Que ricos se ven tus tamales !! me imagino que tu esposo estara mas que encando y feliz de tener en casa tan bella mujer ! eres experta en la cocina y eso es lo que cuenta , asi es que ,pasa por alto esos malos comentarios y haz feliz a los de tu casa.

    1. Omara muchísimas gracias por su comentario tan lindo y positivo! ? Espero que continúen gustandole mis recetas! Le mando un abrazo fuerte y mis mejores deseos este año y siempre ??

  5. great video. awesome home! I have found my pressure canner useful in shortening the meat step and the steaming step. Don’t know if you would like to try? I also put extras in my filling, my mother apologizes to company for it but i think it adds flavor to add root veggies and spanish olives. I love your tontitos idea! I have masa and sweet potato already in the freezer and cleaned husks in fridge. i bet my dad would love them! we are at the end of fresh food but i have shored up freezer and canning to get us by. This is going to be a treat out of the blue!

    1. I love your tip of shortening the meat cooking time, anything that helps make tamales faster is a WIN in my book! ? Your mom sounds like mine, I agree cooking is very personal and I like to say, “anything that brings more sazón to the pot (flavor to the pot) is OK by me” ?? Tontitos are always a nice treat! You can put anything in them so long as the dough doesn’t get to runny you’re golden & sweet potatoes in Tontitos sounds amazing! Thanks for watching! HUGS ? ?

  6. I love tamales I’m a connoisseur when it comes to tamales but knowing that I can make tamales and stuff it with my own meat that’s the ticket???

  7. ? thank God your husband you or your well I shouldn’t say your auntie isn’t diabetic or should I say after eating those sweet tamales you better Hold On Tight cuz you’re going to turn diabetic that is a lot of Sugar Plus pineapple juice yikes

    1. Hi Joe! Thanks for watching and commenting. ☺️ Yes, fortunately we’re not diabetic. Moderation is key. During the holiday season or when hosting large gatherings is when we make special treats like these. Sweet Tamles are definitely a special treat and most people in my family will only have one with coffee on Christmas morning. We still have several in the freezer. ? My training is as a biochemist, so unfortunately for my family that means I’m pretty limiting with special treats like these as I know how they metabolize in the body. Annoys the heck out of them. ? Hope you’re having a great week! ?

  8. is your family from sinaloa? my Mexican family is from culiacan and those look like tamales estillo sinaloa 🙂

    1. Hola Lessette somos paisanas entonces! Arriva Culiacán Sinaloa! ?? Saludos a la Lomita! ?? My maternal grandparents immigrated to Sinaloa mexico so my grandma learned to make her tamales al estilo Sinaloa. Sending un abrazo fuerte your way! ?

      P.S. I have a Corico recipe from Sinaloa on my channel too ?

    2. LaVieJolie my Spanish isn’t very good, but my paternal grandmother is from sinaloa. her father was french and her mother was a mestiza with a german father. i have been to sinaloa once and i can totally tell you are from there 🙂 we tend to be rubias gueditas ?. my mother is American Indian and spanish 🙂

    3. Aww your family sounds so much like mine! ? My maternal grandad was Spanish while my grandma was French. A lot of Europeans used to immigrant to Sinaloa so yupe, a lot güeras there ? Have a great week Lessette! ☺️

  9. Now that’s a decent size tamale like I used to get in Arizona. The ones they make here in east Texas/Louisiana are so skinny its hard to justify the corn husk

    1. Hi vladviking! Yes, I agree! Skinny tamales are a no go for my family! ? Hope you can give this recipe a try sometime. Thanks for watching and have a great weekend! ???

  10. If I heard you right you said you had some Asian in-laws that are extremely picky they should be blessed that you made everything authentic and you prepared that meal for them they just don’t know what it goes through to prepare everything but then again on the plus side they they should be thankful that they have a present to open up if you know what I mean??

    1. Hi JOE BILLINGS! Thank you for watching and your sweet support on my channel. Yes, they’re pretty picky when it comes to food, but slowly my lovely west indie sister-in-law and me are introducing them to a whole new spectrum of foods. Tamales were a HUGE hit with them this year. I’m still trying to figure out how my tiny 5’2” mother-in-law ate 4 tamales in one sitting on Christmas Eve. ? I’ve never seen my mother-in-law drink an ounce of alcohol, but she actually drank a Corona with us in the evening so I took that as she was feeling quite happy? ? Hope you have a great weekend!

    2. LaVieJolie
      wow!!!!! you should had played beer bong then??I live in carson ca . Keep up the good work and you know dam well her son eats really good?

  11. And you know what goes good with tamales don’t you a nice ice cold Modelo tell your in-laws that’s how the Mexicans get down

  12. I LOVE how detailed and precise your instructions were! I really like REAL tamales! Thanks for sharing your recipe! Your nails are the BOMB! New Subbie here! ?

    1. Thank you so much Mzbrazell for watching and for being so sweet to subscribe! Your kind words motivate me to keep doing my best to bring you new recipes every Friday and fusion family vlogs on Mondays. Have a great weekend! Sending you a big hug ? ?

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