How To Cook Tamale Meat

This video shows how to cook (simmer) pork and chicken tamale meat. This is part 2 of a 5 part series.

10 thoughts on “How To Cook Tamale Meat

  1. That looks good Rico. Hey, how about doing a video on how to make Menudo? Tastes good, it just might not appeal to everyone because of the meat used.
    One quick question…you are not one chicken short, are you?

    1. Menudo is good , my mom made the best menudo, she would put more meat (ham) in it and lots of hominy so the the white peeps would eat it. I personally do not like the tripe, or pigs feet.

    2. Rico’s Place , I believe that’s the best part….the stomach(fresh) and the cows hoof(perico). And you’re right about the hominy (tons). My mom does it with a rue at the end so that it comes out a bit thick in consistency. My friend, her Menudo is better than $3x. Don’t tell my wife…hahaha!!

    3. Eliazar Castillo Jr my mom made the best Emanuel, I just now saw this comment, haha, take care my friend, Rico

    1. Thanks for watching Maria, i need to edit and post the actual making of the tamales, i really appreciate you watching, dont forget to subscribe if haven’t yet, Rico

    2. Maria Estala-Rodrigue glad you enjoyed the video, thanks for all your support and watching my videos, Rico

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