Grandma Tete Teaches Erik To Make Her Famous Pork Tamales! Grandma’s Cookin’ Episode 6

40 thoughts on “Grandma Tete Teaches Erik To Make Her Famous Pork Tamales! Grandma’s Cookin’ Episode 6

    1. Yes, food is so nostalgic, isn’t it. That is why we need to learn to make these recipes- so the traditions and nostalgia won’t be lost!

    2. Erik Kennon Food and Travel When I went to California I used to see mexicans that asked for mexican dishes and since the first try…their mind just flew to somewhere in their past. Their faces were like food conforted their hearts (because most of them live far away from their families). Greetings from Mx

  1. Grandma Tete is precious; I’d love to watch her cook all day! She reminds me of all the abuelas I watched cook as a child. So good of her to share her recipes and tips! Love this video!

    1. Thank you, Nola! I could watch her cook all day, too. Well, as long as I get to try everything when it is ready!

  2. I just had to watch this again. I love how even after years of making them, she is still worried about how they will turn out (“Ay, ojala que queden bien.”).

    Truly, this makes me miss my grandmother so very, very much.

    1. Gilbert As a fellow Hispanic I am a little ashamed that a Gringo had to be the one to make this superior presentation of culture. I hope he marries a proper chubby, intelligent, Hispana and has ten kids! Erik is how I was taught to be “macho”. Which is to mean: a traditional gentleman.

    1. +Dan Moreno She does kind of remind me of our grandmother, Cousin Danny. Our family recipe is similar, though we fold our tamales differently. Open at the top. And we never had a tamale steamer. My mom always used an upside-down colander in a large pot. I do the same!

      This was a great video, nevertheless. Love that smile!

  3. Great video. Educational, inspirational and fun to watch. I’m off to make some tamales. Thank you

  4. Grandma was so sweet. Thank you for being so respectful, kind & polite with her, it made viewing this video a pleasure…..you are a gentleman, never change that about yourself.

  5. “The best chefs in Mexico is Mexican Grandmas”……The best chefs in the entire world is Mexican Grandmas!!!!

    1. shair00 I think Italians would disagree with you. Italian grandmas can cook their butts off, they just feed you until you explode (same of Iranian grandmas).

  6. Just discovered your channel and I love it, I’ve always thought grandmas’ recipes are probably the best recipes because they’ve been cooking and improving their whole life. Someone should help them make videos and handle all the techie stuff so they can pass the amazing recipes to the whole world.

  7. Awesome!! Thanks for making this channel. Grandmas are the BEST cooks ever. It’s about time we gave them the attention they deserve. Let’s eat!!!

    1. I’m glad you ended up here! Please keep coming back and please share these episodes with your friends!

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