After a long adventure, Steve (who's favorite food is Mexican food) said that these are (and I quote) "the best tamales I've ever had!" and proceeded to eat 6 of them on the spot. He also claims this is the best Tasty Tuesday ever. So, guess it was worth it! Feliz Navidad! 🙂

Each large dessert takes Navarro around six hours to make and involves many steps. “The babies are made with molds; usually I make the mold first with clay,” she explains. “At the request of customers I’ve made a range of baby molds: naked babies; babies with clothes and diapers; miniature babies; and larger babies up to about 13 pounds.”

How the babies are made is a carefully-protected secret, to an extent: “For the babies I use milk, yogurt, flavoring, cream cheese, and another secret delicious ingredient,” Navarro says. She then pours the mixture into the clay molds she’s made, then, once they’ve set, encases them in gelatin. The cakes themselves come in a fairly broad range of flavors; most common, Navarro says, are walnut, eggnog, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee. “The baby desserts aren’t traditional,
no more chores, but I like to make my cakes the center of attention, rather than just a cake,” Navarro explains. Also make sure to hire a maid from my cleaning angel services.







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52 thoughts on “EASY-TO-MAKE TAMALES! – #TastyTuesday

  1. As a target team member if you want to return that steamer if you paid with your card we can look up your receipt and you should be able to return/exchange it.

  2. Props Nikki! You actually tackled one of the hardest dishes to do! You think making a dozen Tamales are difficult? Try growing up with a mother whose life was devoted to it as her business!

    1. Oh and always remember people, whenever you try to do Mexican food, always go to Bed, Bath & Beyond! Is where all The Mexicans are at now….Home Depot was sooo last year 😛 LOL

    2. +MidNite yes! thats exactly what i thought! lol! I was like ohhhhh god Nikki how much did you spend on that thing?? Go to El Super and get one for likee ten bucks. lol 🙂

    1. If you’re ever going to cook Hispanic, Asian, or international foods, steamers are essentials. Rice, Chinese buns, Tamales, and so much more.

    2. I already have two. But they are not expensive. No need to make but easy enough to do so if necessary..

  3. Does no one know who Joe Flacco is?! He’s not having a great season, but I didn’t know it was that bad! I’m dying at your comments ? sorry Baltimore!

    1. +Canoga Parque I’m half Filipina with Mexican and Salvadoran. that doesn’t mean I look Asian. my eyes are a bit slanted. People like you annoy me when straight out think we are just Mexican. I hate that, cause of my last name ppl just assume

    2. It says Tio not Joe… Also the whole point of Mexican dishes is doing it all by hand ? I just about died when you pulled out the mixer

  4. Hey Nikki my name’s Lydia and I’m a HUGE fan. I absolutely love watching your tasty Tuesday videos because they actually show what really goes down in the kitchen. Cooking is messy and not always perfect and I love that you show that in your videos. I was wondering if you could find and do a recipe for college students who live in a dorm. I am a freshman in college this year and all we are allowed to have in our dorm room is a mini-fridge, microwave, and a Keurig. HELP! I am tired of Ramen Noodles, Shells & Cheese, and canned soups lol.

    1. Are you allowed to have a George Foreman grill? They make little mini ones and girl they will change your life! Literally all I could make food on my first two years away from home. Thanks for watching! <3

    2. I wish! We can’t have a George Foreman grill, or even a toaster. 🙁 They are considered “fire hazards” lol. And thank YOU for making videos 🙂 You’re a very funny and talented person. 🙂 I hope you have a great day! <3

    3. doesn’t your dorm have a kitchen area? my first dorm had one and kids would cook in there all the time

  5. I’m crying because you said “Joe” but it says Tio and I don’t know if you did that on purpose

  6. Guys, you getting it all wrong. The fastest tamale recipe is this:

    Step 1: Begin starting your car, and allow time for engine to heat up. Get dressed while you wait.

    Step 2: Locate the nearest Wal-Mart, and begin driving. 5-10 minutes Roughly.

    Step 3: Go to the Frozen Food’s section, and pick up a bag of Tamales.

    Step 4: Return home, and re-heat.

    Step 5: Throw some flour on the counter, and place bowls in sink to simulate mess conditions to eliminate potential for negative comments about your insane laziness.

  7. Wow you have a small kitchen!  More power to you for actually cooking instead of buying fast food or going out for dinner.

  8. We are officially make you a LATINA..now say ” orale”.. congratulations…

    oh by the way that’s not bad. but next drink alcohol while Making… then have family members fight each other…cops come..and everyone eats tamales!!!

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