Chicken Tamales Red, Green Sauce, Cheese Tamales, Family Recipe! How to make tamales!

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49 thoughts on “Chicken Tamales Red, Green Sauce, Cheese Tamales, Family Recipe! How to make tamales!

    1. Yeah totally, in Mexico, tamales are like tacos, anything can go in them. Try shrimp tamales…

    1. +Kevin Foster Thanks for your nice words Kevin, I truly appreciate it! I’m glad you are enjoying the recipes!

  1. Yesterday I FINALLY got around to giving these a try. I stuck to the recipe EXACTLY, except using chicken, I used pork and got the preparation for that from another Youtuber (but I made it in the crock pot for more flavor). Afterwards everything else came from you and let me say these are 110% authentic!!! I was TOTALLY blown away with the outcome of the salsas and the taste if the masa. Ohhh I forgot, I added a little bit of the red salsa to my masa and to cut time I blended my salsas with the pork and simmered them as I prepared my masa. Sandy, I am obsessed with a good tamale and I’ve spent SO much money eating tamales and hands down, THIS is the BEST tamale I’ve EVER had from ANY restaurant!!!! I got everything from one of my local Mexican groceries and they helped to make sure I had the right lard and cuts of pork but were HIGHLY impressed that I’m black but knew ALL the right things to ask for to make real tamales. That also gave me confidence because although anxious, I was a little scared of messing up. I bought the big tamale steamer (which was good, I made 7 dozen), after eating this and knowing that you’ve taught me to how to make them better than what I paid for, I can NEVER pay for another tamale again knowing I can now do it better!!!! Sorry for the long post, I’m just over the moon with these I CANT believe I just did that!!!! Cant wait till my family eat them, they’re gonna go NUTS! Thanks again SANDY…..SOOOOOOO much!!!

    1. Bonechia Alli
      you should be proud making tamales is a long process a lot of thought goes into the flavor profile and if done wrong you you just spent alot of money and alot of tamales going into the trash cause they came out gooey sticking to the sides or fraustered cause the flavor is not there and later you realize all the time you wasted making them?but when they finally come out rite you feel like you just won some type of competition?and cant wait to give them out to family and firends for the sole purpose of praise ? welcome to tamale pride

    2. Thank u for ur feedback! I guess this is the recipe I will try! I’m Salvadorean and we have our own tamales recipe but I also like Mexican ones. Like the store workers u mentioned, I too get impressed seeing black or anyone besides Hispanics buying specialty ingredients and tools to make Latin foods. Ur comment sold me so I will be making these soon! I’m thinking of doing the red sauce with pork and green sauce with chicken. Happy cooking ?

  2. I’m really bummed out now. You used such a thin layer of masa, and most of the masa didn’t look to be encircling the filling, but instead was trapped between the husk leaves. So you can imagine how curious I was to see them unwrapped and how that turned out. Pretty disappointed.

    1. +Lee Shmurda I am certainly no expert (or even a novice lol!!), but I absolutely don’t think this supposed to be like this, no. Glad you noticed too though. 🙂

    2. +Rae LanH Actually it is kinda suppose to be that way where the masa is trapped between the husk. When the masa cooks in the steamer, the tamale will just slip out of the wrapping completely intact. I can promise no masa sticks to the husk unless it wasn’t cooked thoroughly. As for the the thin layer of masa that was spread on the husk, it’s really how much masa you want to spread on it whether you like thick/big tamales or thin/small tamales

    3. +Gina Torres Oh, ok, I didn’t know that. It makes sense. Thanks for explaining it to me. I would love to make them, never tried before and don’t know anyone who knows how, so that’s why I was watching all these vids. You know, get brave enough to try it. lol. What you said helps a lot. Thanks!!!!

  3. Your presentation was outstanding, however I would like to see your final outcome of this dish. I do believe that’s what would pull more true cooks in. Think of it as watching a porno and all of sudden it’s cut off. Not being perverted at all just looking at it as a piece of art. Reassurance in dead

    1. +kingoftheburbskc Thank you for the feedback! I will try to make another tamal video and this time I will for sure show the unwrapping 😀 Thanks a lot for watching and for taking the time to comment ! I appreciate it!

    2. +kingoftheburbskc Yes I also would like to see the final product and a yummy bite to know they turned out!

  4. I saved your video so I can make these later. I am a vegetarian so I use coconut oil instead of lard, I’m excited to try your technique.

    1. +Sheila Beal  Me too!  I saved her video because I’m piecing together a recipe for a vegetarian tamale.  I recently fell in love with a poblano tamale with red sauce, no cheese.  They were SOOO tasty and flavorful.  I just watched a video where they used coconut oil and the texture looked pretty appealing.  This will be my first time making tamales, so I’m excited to have watched her technique.  Happy cooking! 🙂

    2. Lisa, I did make these with Coconut oil for Christmas. They turned out perfect and were delicious. Let me know how yours turn out. I live when food are made simply ave turn our delicious.

    1. Im trump and I actually like mexicans, but I learned in elementary school you are mean to your crush

  5. For the masa, can you substitute more caldo de pollo para manteca? I would like to have menos grasa, y mas caldo en mis tamales. Would that work?

  6. your grandmothers recipe was delicious but I also made some with jalapenos and added a little red pepper. and it made the tamales that much better but I do like spicy food. thank you for sharing.

    1. Curtis Chase funny story In science class someone said chicken tamales in the back room and the teacher thought he said chinga su madre

  7. Thanks for sharing Sandy. I think 1/2 kilo is 1#, 2oz. and 1 kilo is 2# ,4oz. It might make a difference to some folks.

  8. Mine are in the steamer now. They smell divine, I hope I got the masa right, that seems to be the trickiest part. Thank you for sharing your recipe Sandy.

  9. For those who say “I wanted to see it opened, or that she didn’t rap them right, that’s why she didn’t show them opened at the end” that’s because she shows them open in the very beginning, and you obviously haven’t tried this recipe to say it’s bad or wrong!! Thank you for sharing your wonderfulll recipe, my family and I LOVEDDD it!! Thanks:)

    1. Randy Warren yes you can my family use to make a ton and freeze them with a label on it saying what kind it was

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