Best Tamales for Mechanics – Intake RR on a Hyundai

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43 thoughts on “Best Tamales for Mechanics – Intake RR on a Hyundai

    1. The Mechanic OC in northern California I know a lot of people that put ketchup on the tamales or chilli/salsa

  1. you know what I want to see is you working on a Subaru sti doing a timing belt and water pump, clutch and or flywheel installation or head gaskets and valve cover gaskets and maybe a fuel pump and fuel injectors one of those would be sweet

  2. great vid dude keep it up what engine is in that Toyota corolla never seen one of that generation where I’m from with full drum breaks only drum in hat

  3. Was that chicken and pork? We have a lady that comes to the emplyee parking lot on friday mornings and sells them for $10 a dozen… mmmm……good.

  4. It’s awesome to see how you handled such a stressful situation with the bank by just laughing at it while if it were me in your shoes I would be jumping out of my skin. LOL!!!

  5. where do you put in for questions on Sunday business talk? I wanted to see your opinion on the future of auto service specifically and if it actually pays off. thanks Nestor.

  6. Work smarter not harder is a good saying to live by, if only manufacturers like Hyundai would allow it.

  7. So Nestor would you say that you are where you want to be on a business point of view ? Or do you have planned to expand and making The Mechanic OC into a much bigger business and having more team members or is that something that is in the works and not firm yet or not for certain ?

    1. Ive talked about this in other vids. I dont plan to expand this shop at all. Maybe help some people open up shops or manage them. Ill take equity in businesses for my help.

  8. Hey dude nice shop …the way you work that’s the way I work at the shop as well … absolutely you right 100 % .. keeping organize and clean.. just started wacht you videos..
    and tamales are the best..🖒Mexico all the way….

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