Best pork tamales in the world, HANDS DOWN!

Str8 out of Houston Tx. If you dont believe me, 8326291084 in Houston, Tx.

14 thoughts on “Best pork tamales in the world, HANDS DOWN!

  1. I agree with ikalina18..can u do a whole video from start to finish from scratch..lol plz plz plz..I need a awesome family recipe for tamales!! 😉

  2. Looks awesome man. We used to have a lady come on Sundays and sell tamales. Haven’t seen her in a year. Damn I miss her.

  3. Thanks for this video.  Dont think Ill ever buy tamales again off the street from strangers ever again….ugghhhhh.  Unsanitary….only thing missing is a cat jumping on the table and a pet dog getting his head rubbed.  If I cant make em myself, ill only buy from people I can watch make them.

    1. That’s a black folks thang. We are real funny when you handle food in ways we perceive to be unsanitary or as my grand would call it “nasty.” LOL! But you know dude, after they go in the pot they cook for like an hour so any germs on their hands or whatever are cooked away.

    2. +Deborrah Cooper
       It was never about the germs and always about the nasty. 

      One can cook the germs out of human feces and season it to the point of swearing it tastes just like chocolate cake but guess what….I’ll never know what it taste like…why?  Cuz its nasty. 

      The black stuff in people’s nails could be a cure to cancer but I guess Id just be dying from cancer.  Someone can say roaches taste just like shrimp cooked but id never know.  They can swear they just washed a pair of white doodoo stained drawals that were flinging over an open pot of stew but thats a pot of stew Id condemn even unto death(unless i was stranded on an island etc).

      If someone touched their private area to itch it real good, didnt wash their hands, and then touched my face I wouldnt fear for bacteria but Id fear for their life cuz i dont think theyd live a day past doing it after I turn into the Hulk and start swinging.  The cleanliness revolution will be televised…im starting it. 🙂

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